My Ten Loftiest Goals … Currently …

1. Become a Getty Images Entertainment Staff Photographer

2. Hold my first super awesomesauce art gallery show

3. Get at least one or two of photographs and artwork hung in a MAJOR art museum/gallery

4. Collaborate and work with the photographers, artists,musicians and songwriters that I find I most inspiring to me as artist holistically.

5. Put myself out there more and open up as a person and a better artist. I need to gain more real experiences in life to grow as a person and continually become a better me.

6. Photograph an entire awards season including the major parties, just all of it!

7. Become Verified on Twitter & Facebook.

8. Land a major photo assignment and campaign with a well-know brand,celebrity,company or magazine,etc and thus have it subsequently published.

9. Get one of my songs played on the radio and licensed for major campaign.

10. Set even loftier goals and repeat! 

Signed, Brittney Williams aka The Reclusive Blogger 🙂 x


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