Since New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep let’s set our minds to achieving smaller more bite-size goals year round! These are mine let me know yours ….

1. To be a better person. This goal is pretty obvious and should be a major goal for everyone. But alas it’s not. So the next best thing is to make it a goal for yourself and surround yourself with people who do the same. It doesn’t have to be huge differences, but slowly and surely you’ll see the changes around you.
2. Be a more proactive and productive writer. Which just means to write more and on more varied topics. Being more honest with myself as a person, woman, and POC. Work on the technical side, apply for more freelance opportunities and publish more stuff. Also, continue to progress with writing my book.
3. Be a more proactive and productive Photographer. Yes, I have accomplished quite a bit over the last year but there is always more. I want to actually start to sell a whole lot more of my Fine Art Prints that are available on Artfinder and SAATCHI Art Online. Plus I want to immerse myself in the world of Concert and red carpet Photography. I try every year. I get a few opportunities. I connect with a few of the people. But being able to talk and go out is hard when you can’t drive. Also when you have severe social anxiety. But I want to succeed in life. So I find not being able to succeed and not being able to do what I love is a much more crippling fear.
4. Get my dream job!
My goal is to get a job at a record company. I love music it’s in the heart and soul of my art and basically everything I do. Yes, I am a freelance photographer first and foremost. But it’s not always a stable paycheck. So thinking in terms of that. I need a job to that allows me to incorporate both my skills as a creative and a highly analytical person. So a major dream and goal of mine are to work at a record company (in particular my favorites I won’t name names though). It’s a career in a creative field that would be the icing on the dream job Birthday cake.
5. Take time for me each day.
Whether it’s time to do simple art activities, write, edit photos, listen to music. Just take a little time out of each day for myself to ensure I stay calm, cool and collected. Most importantly healthy.
6. Theme my Instagram.
Pretty self-explanatory but very hard to stick to. Also, I need to post more next year.
7. Cut back on my Social Media.
I’ve already done it and I’m in the process of it. I’ve already said goodbye to Facebook, Tumblr, and few other sites. Yes, I need social media to promote myself and my art. But the fewer sites I have to run by myself is a good thing me and for anyone.
8. Enrich my IRL with friends.
I always had trouble making (I’m not the only one out there trust me) but for me, it goes back to childhood. When I was horribly bullied and could barely keep the few I had. So I started to micro-manage my friendships. I didn’t know that’s what I doing then. But it only made it harder for me. That and the fact I was constantly sick in and out of school. Next thing I know I look up and I’ve graduated high school with no real close friendships. Still many years later it’s still hard to overcome that. My anxieties surrounding it are massive. I also hear the statistics on how it be too late for me because most friendships and bonds are formed very early on. I want to prove that wrong.
9. Make more music!
In 2017 despite being verified on Spotify and releasing a small amount of music. I didn’t release much. So for next year, I’m pushing myself to release more music, write more, push myself creatively, possibly work with artists I find inspiring artistically and learn to play the guitar.
10. Love more
More easily said than done right? What I mean by this is to just put more positive vibes and love into the world rather than negativity. Then surround yourself with similar types not only in real life but online as well. Be kinder and gentler to people. Tell your friends, family and loved ones and S/O that you’re thankful for them being in your lives and that you love them. I even like simple and random acts kindness in the form of a simple or sweet note because you never know what a person is going through or how much they might need that. Any way to expound upon this idea I highly recommend. 🙂

 Thanks for reading and much love always!

  • Brittney 🙂 xx

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