If you haven’t heard about ‘Dig The Kid’ you will now …

Dig The Kid are a Oakland based alternative pop band and duo consisting of drummer, Lisa “Dig” Mongelli and lead singer Cory “Kid” Todd. They have already worked with many of rock music elite including Scott Page from Pink Floyd. Where he will also be a special guest with them at their show in Hollywood on June 1st at The Peppermint Club. But for everyone else the band is currently on a 25 city world tour.

Dig The Kid formed though what may seem like a odd pairing outwardly, this duo works, and works well. Through Dig the Kid’ love of music and immense creativity we have ourselves a fun, high energy and unique rock band.

On A Mission (Album Cover)

The band just released their latest single “On A Mission” on May 25th. ‘On A Mission’ is a fun, bouncy dance rock number that’s as perfect for bar jukeboxes as it is summer barbecue playlists. The song has plenty of come hither lyrics. The singer Cory Todd reminisces about fun times he’s had with friends out on the town. His vocals soar with just enough grit and edge to sell the track. But the best way for you to get the sound of the track is to listen. So stop right here and go listen to Dig The Kid’s ‘On A Mission’. You’ll thank me.

Listen to ‘On A Mission’ here:
Tickets for The Peppermint Club gig here:
Dig The Kid Socials here:
Twitter: @digthekid
Instagram: @digthekidband
– Brittney W. 🙂 xx
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