SUNSET SONS – ‘Running Man’ – Single Review

Hey, guys this will be a quick one! But I just wanted to talk to you about new song I’m digging and just playlisted, It’s by Sunset Sons and it’s called“Running Man”. It’s the first track off their upcoming EP “River” which is due out July 6. The EP will be produced by Catherine Marks (The Big Moon, Foals).

The song starts out with a quite jovial rymthm with jangly guitars, tambourines and earthy drums until the lead singers vocals kick in. The band, consisting of Rory Williams (Lead Vocals, Keys), Jed Laidlaw (Drums) and Pete Harper (Bass) all hail from the U.K. and Australia are described as a surf indie rock group. But in this track I can hear faint echoes of Mumford and Sons, Kings Of Leon and Of Monsters and Men just as much as artists like The Beach Boys. The lyrics are pleading, freeing and quite beautiful. All take on a frenzied place as the track progresses in a fun almost stomp along rollicking manner. My favorite part is the refrain “How long will I be a running man?”
Stream Sunset Suns – ‘Running Man’ here:


3 July LONDON Electrowerkz

4 July MANCHESTER Deaf Institute

7 July GLOUCESTER Barn On The Farm


– Brittney W. 🙂 xx


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