Here are my top 5 favorites from last week, the week of October 21st! Enjoy!



Drunk On Halloween is the definition of new age Simply Red. It’s retro motif touches onto what would typically be heard on classic alternative radio stations. The lead singers voice has a grungy and raspy tone, yet it has a welcoming feeling that makes you want to hear more from the band. The clever keyboard riffs intertwined with catchy vocal melodies combine and make a song that lingers with you.


Billie Eilish

The 16-year old performer, Billie Eilish, has once again created another beautiful melodic tune for her ever growing fanbase. Billie is one of the few female artists who can change her persona in songs and therefore make the moods be so different from one another. On when the party’s over, the track is haunting and beautiful with a certain melancholy to her lyrical approach. Billie’s effected lyrical style helps helps her pull off the feeling of the song very effectively, tying the song altogether.


Mini Mansions

As an Arctic Monkeys enthusiast, it’s easy to match the idea that Mini Mansions are one of the bands I frequently listen to. But this band does more than just emulate the ideas and concepts of Arctic Monkeys. Mini Mansions consistently deliver high quality music and this song is no slouch. It features a heavy moving bass line that match to intricate guitar riffs that they have built their lyrical melodies off of. The band also hints at a new age David Bowie with their production.


Chase Atlantic

Chase Atlantic has been rapidly growing as a band and with this newest release, it makes total sense as to why they are gaining more in popularity. When explaining their genre, there isn’t one topic that the band falls directly into. YOU TOO. perfectly displays that idea with it’s saxophone riffs playing through the music, it’s a quick-paced lyrical construction, matching drum skills that hint towards rap. Chase Atlantic never disappoint bringing with them an interesting instrumentals and amazing compositional skills. Catch the band on their upcoming tour and I can promise you will be dancing the whole show.


Cherry Pools

Cherry Pools are one of the best indie-pop bands out on the scene currently. With very little following and very few songs out there under their name, the band is still building up a fanbase to call their own but I do believe that this band will be blowing up the scene with their newest 6-song EP in which Caught In The Stars is featured on. Caught In The Stars includes a synth-pop sound that is catchy but yet unique when matching up the lyrical production. The lead singers vocals come into the track with a clear sound to them that is totally a Cherry Pools trademark. Not only do the band produce music that is aesthetically pleasing to the ear but their show doesn’t disappoint. Their stage presence is one of the best I have seen and their stage setup is even more memorising. The band will be touring with Chase Atlantic in late fall, this tour is one I recommend attending as both bands always produce an amazing show.

– Sabrina A.

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