billie eilish

Billie’s melodic speech piece together with the usage of minor meancing piano chords blending together in the background create 6.18.18 into a dark yet loving tribute to xxtentacation.

Crush Culture
Conan Gray

With hints of Troye Sivan spilling through the very roots of this song, you can tell that “Crush Culture” is going to bring Conan to the next level in the industry. The song also hints at some 1975 songs such as “Menswear”. With Conan’s releases getting greater and greater production wise, this song shows that he has a clear understanding of what he wants to get across vocally as well as instrumentally.

1980s Horror Film II

1980s horror film has always been my favorite by Wallows so to hear them remaster it like this has actually made my week so much better. The way the band had taken an originally acoustic and rough grunge song and made it into something you would hear at a houseparty or on the radio nowadays really shows their musicianship. The band included instrumental sections that were so unique to me and I am sure to any listener. They included some psychedelic type sounds as background music into this song making the song so much different yet still keeping the songs’ original grunge and rough vocal production. This edit of the song is honestly one of the coolest things I’ve heard in the past month and gets me more excited for what Wallows have to offer in the coming future!

all the way

If you have been looking for a truly underground indie band right now, then Joan is what you want. The song “All The Way” holds an interesting guitar riff throughout the song along with a heavy chorus and guitar sound. The matching drum beats and claps in the background. Along with it’s catchy verses and choruses, great lyrics to natch all come together for an interesting song.

Last Goodbye
zoey lily

This song became one of my favourite slower songs in the matter of seconds. Zoey Lily’s voice in this song, and really in all of her songs, is just so unique with her slight accent peeking through at certain sections. Zoey Lily’s use of melancholy chords mixing in with her soft voice that has crisp production, making it clear for the listener to hear her every word is the perfect combination to captivates listeners having you cling to every word she sings in this song. The mixture of deep drum beats to the lightly played piano chords in the background is enough to make this song feel deep giving the song so much feeling. Zoey Lily is a definitely a young singer who is able to get her message across.

– Sabrina A.

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