Northern Ireland quartet, Brand New Friend have just released a roaring new single titled ‘I Was An Astronaut’ off their debut album ‘Seatbelts For Aeroplanes’. Brand New Friend (fronted by sibling pair Taylor and Lauren Johnson) have been championed by the likes of Radio 1 and Matt Healy and are currently signed to XTRA Mile Recordings.

The title track ‘I Was An Astronaut’ is reminiscent of early to mid 90s Alternative Rock and Emo leanings. The way the band approaches it’s songwriting especially at such a young age is quite refreshing. The melodic pop style vocals add an effervescence to the track. Which is quite assertive with it’s loud, bright punchy guitars and hard hitting drums. The song overall is quite the catchy one, with a very hooky chorus and with easy to remember lyrics perfect for singing aloud to at shows and festivals. The accompanying track ‘You Make Me Want To Grow Up, Sometimes’ is another fast paced track (both songs clock under 2:40) in a similar musical vein as ‘I Was An Astronaut’. The lyrics are as angsty as any early oughts song but the underlying theme is love. Both tracks from Brand New Friend I would definitely add to your current music rotation. Also be sure to check out the video for ‘I Was An Astronaut‘ as it is quite the sweet one!

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