Meet Alternative Rock band Silver Relics. I chatted with them about their debut album, Generic., the duos music influences, and their creative processes. Check it all out below!


TRB: Coffee or tea?


JUSTIN: Coffee.

ALEX: Coffee.


TRB: What’s a typical creative process like for you guys?


JUSTIN: Alex writes the songs and generally has an idea for how he wants the drums. I listen to his version as a starting point. From there I just listen and try to just do what feels right. Sometimes if I get stuck I will listen to other stuff for some inspiration. I’ll just be on the train and hear something and just kinda know, “ok that fits.” I work stuff out in my head mostly, but for tricky patterns I might write something out on manuscript paper. What’s most important to me is, by the time we’re doing the damn thing, I know exactly what I’m going to do. I’m not one to make it up as I go—the prep is meticulous once the ideas are there.

ALEX: Songwriting’s an intense process for me. I know there has to be a pattern to it all but I haven’t really been in a rush to figure out how it actually works. I’m pretty sure I made my mind up about that from the beginning. 

It starts on my acoustic or piano. Once I get an idea I basically obsess over it until the idea becomes a song. I make sure everything makes it onto a demo and then I send it over to the team to explore. Justin and I work together in rehearsal until it’s time to take it to our producer, HowieBeno


TRB: How was the recording and writing process like “Generic.”? 


ALEX: We broke this into 3 sessions across 5 months, which came out to 31 days in the studio. We had 2 ready for our first session but that was it. So I wrote everything else in between sessions and I think you can definitely hear that level of urgency and focus on this record. It was an amazing experience that pushed us both the entire time. Justin and I have always worked well together under a deadline.

JUSTIN: Fast. But great. We work with a tremendous producer, and he has a way of quickly getting the best out of you. We knew it was a good situation when each session was better than the last, and the prep between the actual recording dates grew exceedingly efficient as we started to understand how these songs would work together.


TRB: Is there a lyric that each of you particularly connect to from ‘Generic.’?


JUSTIN: Alex wrote a few contradictory lines that I particularly enjoy. Gridlock starts with, “No guarantees; I promise you.” I like that. Small Talk has, “everything and nothing changes.” “Time Bomb starts with, “I want it so bad, Ifight to lose it.” I think it’s clever.

ALEX: I really like this line from “Wanderlust”:

“Drift with the grey I love the taste I’m close but I’m not near you” 


TRB: The album takes inspiration from such bands 80s and 90s like Nine Inch Nails, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, etc. If you could cover one of their songs giving them the Silver Relics treatment what song would it be?


ALEX: We actually have a Depeche Mode cover in our current set so I have to go with “Never Let Me Down Again.” We stripped it down quite a bit so there’s more of a minimalist approach to the synths on our version. We added washed guitars, which gives it a bit more of a softer feel on the verse. Let’s ask Justin.

JUSTIN: Agreed. I think we could pull off “Gone” from U2’s Pop album. Selfishly I would love to cover “You Know What You Are” by NIN. Fast and loud drums. And so aggressive.


Silver Relics Band

TRB: Are there any current artists that have been “On Repeat” for you as a band lately? What music have you been digging?


ALEX: Let’s see. In the past year it’s been:

Johnny Marr – Call the Comet

Shame – Songs of Praise

Foals – Pt 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

Low – Double Negative

JUSTIN: Shame and Foals as well. I’d add Joey Bada$$ – 1999, DrewsThatDude – The Vault, TEK.LUN – ALLOW IT!, and IDLES – Joy as an Act of Resistance


TRB: Dream concert venue you guys want to play at? 


JUSTIN: This one is tough. Something outdoors. Red Rocks, or the Hollywood Bowl.

ALEX: Yeah, that sounds right to me too.


TRB: And what’s next for Silver Relics as band?


JUSTIN: Ireland and the UK dates, and more NYC shows all summer.

ALEX: Absolutely. And new songs. More art.


TRB: Anything else you guys would like to add? Thank you for your time!


JUSTIN: Follow us on our socials and if we’re in your neighborhood, come see a show! You’ll have a good time. And if not, Alex will give you your money back.

ALEX: Unbelievable. Thank you for having us!


So that’s all. You can learn more on Silver Relics below, stream their debut album, Generic., as well as check out their tour dates …


Official website:


Silver Relics // Tour Dates

Release Listening Party at The Scratcher, NYC- May 28

Drop Dead Twice : Dublin – May 27

The Bowery Electric : New York City – June 13

RTE Radio 1 : Dublin – airs July 1

Green Door Store : Brighton – July 1 

The Islington : London – July 2

More dates TBA

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