HAAS is the Virginia based and female fronted pop rock band. The band got its name from lead singer Sam Haas family name as a tribute to her late Grandfather who has been a major inspiration for her as a musician. The band hopes to create an environment of positivity and inclusivity at their shows. I chatted with the Haas band about their debut EP, “Love & Loss“, music inspirations and much more all down below …

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: I always start off with a fun icebreaker question. So are you guys Morning Birds or Night Owls? 

HAAS: Depends on the day but normally Morning Birds

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Can we talk some about your new EP “Love & Loss” and how the writing and creative process was for it? 

HAAS: Of course we can! The EP process was smooth. All the writing was extremely inspired so it came together really quickly.

TRB: Expounding upon the previous question what’s a typical recording process like for you guys as a band?

HAAS: Sam does majority of the writing, but it is smooth sailing. It is also really fun to be in the studio.  Write, record instruments (after creating the overall feel of the song), Vox, take it to record live drums, mix/master it all! 

TRB: Is the theme of love and lost and the emotions in between something that you set out to talk about or was it something that you just naturally gravitated towards? 

HAAS: I have experienced a lot of love & a lot of loss in my life and for my mindset at the time I believe it is what I gravitated towards. I love writing about everything but when you experience something full on it usually is all you think about. 

TRB: Is there a lyric on the “Love and Loss” that speaks to you the most currently?

HAAS: Right now it’s “kill your demons, get sober” but mainly it relates to oneself. I always second guess myself & am a perfectionist and I have to remind myself that I am my own worst critic. I sometimes let fear dictate my music & I do not want them. Killing the demons in my mind is what I have to do right now in order to let my most authentic self out into the world; I must be vulnerable. 

TRB: Let’s talk about the album art … How does the “Love and Loss” album art tie in with the songs?

HAAS: Flowers are a huge part of love & loss. Each type of flower, its colors, etc has a meaning. Flowers are the epitome of representing love & loss. It seemed the most fitting to use flowers for the project. 

TRB: Are there any current artists that you guys have had “On Repeat” lately? What music have you guys been digging?

HAAS: The new Miley Cyrus EP has me rocking out. I am also digging the new single by Yungblud/MGK/Travis Barker, that’s fun. I always have the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat as well. 

TRB: If you had the chance to write a song based off your favorite book? What book would that be and what type of song would it sound like? 

HAAS: My favorite book is the Catcher & The Rye. The song would be about finding oneself and the adventure in doing so. I believe it would be more dramatic because finding oneself is a dramatic experience. You experience highs/lows/friends in/friends out, etc. 

TRB: And what’s next for you as a band?

HAAS: Like I mentioned before, back into the studio we go to create some new stuff & then 2020 hopefully is touring/new music. Exciting stuff is happening! 

TRB: Anything else you would like to add? Thank you for your time!

HAAS: Just want to thank everyone who has streamed/bought/check out HAAS and our debut EP, “Love & Loss.” It truly means the world! 

To learn more on HAAS band see below!!

Twitter: @iamsamhaas

Instagram: @iamsamhaas

Facebook: @haasbandva

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Love & Loss // Spotify

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