Photo credit: Gordon Yould/Julien Rubat Featured


DYSPLAY the Electro-Pop duo of Eric Scullin and Devin Hoffman harkening back to 80s Synths and bright neon lights just dropped another fun infectious dance track. DYSPLAY is Eric Scullin from FAULKNER and film/tv composer and former AWOLNATION touring bassist Devin Hoffman. The duo last released a song in 2018 and are playing a show at The Troubadour tomorrow night (August 3rd) to celebrate the release of this new track.

Dream” has all the makings of a great modern electro-pop song, catchy melodies, hooky lyrics about complicated love and relationships, and great underlying rhythm and groove to keep the listener hooked. But what makes the song truly stand out is the sprinkling of neon 80s synths, crunchy basslines, and the syncopated drums and melodies that are somewhere between Miami Vice and Empire Of The Sun. What seems to be a random mish-mash of sounds seems to work for DYSPLAY, but works well and sets forth not only an interesting sounding song but the ultimate late Summer groove.

You can listen to DISPLAY’s new track “Dream”” below…

Until then,

Brittney x

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