Last Thursday (September 26th) Alternative Rock Singer-songwriter Barns Courtney brought The 404 Tour to Los Angeles at The Fonda Theatre. The artist released his second studio album 404 and is touring in support of that release with the English band The Hunna. Both hit the stage performing favorite tracks like “Hollow”, “You and I”, and, “She’s Casual” making sure fans left super happy. The Hunna opened the night with their specific brand of energetic and cohesive punk rock, making for a fantastic start to the show. The Hunna not only had their fans in the audience pumped but newbies or casuals like me as well. The Hunna (and Barns Courtney) were very interactive with the crowd. The Hunna seemed very thrilled to be playing The Fonda and opening for Barns Courtney too. Barns‘ headlining set was boisterous and electric, and he had the audience singing along word-for-word to every song. His gritty voice, eclecticism, punk rock meets stomp rock went over considerably well in the room as he and his band flew through around 13 tracks. The concert made for an enjoyable night whether you were a fan of either artist. You can view my photos from the Los Angeles stop of The 404 Tour below.

Thanks for the invite out Capitol Records!

Until then,

Brittney x

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