‘The Hunters Grind house Experience’

Truly a blast from the past. This immersive pop up is a killer time!

To celebrate the launch of the new Amazon Prime original series ‘Hunters’. Which stars Al Pacino and Logan Lerman, executive produced by Jordan Peele. ‘The Hunters Grindhouse Experience’ is transporting a block of Highland Park back to New York City in 1977. The immersive experience features actors, set pieces, and more to transport you back. The night begins with a sneak preview of the series. Held at the now “Empire Theatre”, a throwback to the grungy grindhouse theaters in NYC. During each part of the experience, guests can collect nostalgic tokens from the 70s. Treats like candy and comics. Ultimately, guests end the night at a killer party at the “Hunters Alley”. Where there will be bowling and New York style pizza with ‘Hunters’ themed cocktail.

“Shocking! Explosive! A Bloody good time!”

On February 18th, Amazon Prime held an official VIP preview of the experience. That even included some of the cast and crew surprising us before the sneak preview. Amazon’sHunters’ series follows a group of Nazi Hunters who discover hundreds of high ranking Nazi officials in 1977 New York City. The Hunters are out to stop the Nazis and the Fourth Reich that they are hellbent on starting. Although the pacing is relatively sluggish to start, towards the end of the episode, it all gels together sufficiently. ‘Hunters’ underlying tension and seriousness of the plot make for an intriguing beginning, even with amount of goriness involved. I recommended giving the immersive experience a go if you live in the Los Angeles area, and the show when it debuts on Amazon Prime Video on the 21st. Amazon Prime’s immersive experience starts on the 20th, with it now extended to the 23rd. You can find information on that here.

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