As promised, here’s part two of Volume Seven better late than never.

1. Billie Eilish // ‘No Time To Die

At eighteen Billie Eilish is the youngest artist ever to record the Bond Theme song. But that fact is not stopping her and her collaborator Finneas creates a track of honesty and depth. Something that is beyond their years. ‘No Time To Die’ is stirring, dark and sultry in its romanticism. It’s lines up quite well amongst recent predecessors (notable names like Adele) and frankly, within the entire Bond Theme canon. All I can say to end is, Bravo Billie.

2. ALKE // ‘Gemini’

ALKE is the pop duo comprised of Kelsey Karrasch and Jameson Flood. Their new single Gemini’ is a glittering synth-pop jam. The track uses the particularly trendy topic of Astrology to explore love, and highs and lows that come with it. ‘Gemini’ as a whole is very reminiscent of the 80s dance tracks that we’ve all come to love, without sounding dated. You can listen to it below.

3. Marian Hill // ‘was it not?’

Marian Hill returns with a slow and simmering new electro-pop number The production is more sparse and abstract than some of their more recent tracks (i.e. ‘take a number’). This highlights singer Samantha Gongol’s delightfully seductive vocals.

4. Charles Fauna (with Ivy Sole) // ‘Listen’

On the groovy atmospheric chill wave track, musician Charles Fauna uses lush vocals and melodies to tell a simple story… live in the moment, tell someone you love them, and be aware of the beauty around you.

5. Arlo Parks // ‘Eugene’

Arlo Parks soft lilting vocals take center stage on this emotionally wrought number. Her first new music of the decade, ‘Eugene’ is intimate, sincere, and melodic exploring the deeply complicated feelings of falling for a friend. When platonic feelings and romantic love begin to blur, and the confusion it can bring. Arlo Parks navigates those emotions deftly on ‘Eugene’.

Volume eight will be released very soon!

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