Special edition – quarantine jams part two coming right at you

I thought I do another special music roundup and continue my quarantine jams series, as well as update my playlist. So in this post are some new artists I think are worth listening to. Let’s try to continue to support music and in particular any indie music artists. For what will be difficult times ahead.

JOE NIX // “Yikes

Formerly of one half of the duo Cash+David (the other half is this songs producer) Joe Nix new solo single “Yikes” on the youth, excess, and disillusionment of the Gen Z generation recalls that of an early Ed Sheeran. His cozy rap sung vocals and ad-libs are full of nostalgia, cheekiness, and a sense of hyper-awareness of someone much older. The beat is also insanely catchy. You can bop your head to this track below.


This Los Angeles and London based eclectic singer and songwriter latest is an ode to self-medicating as a coping mechanism to distracting from reality. The track was written with our current stressors in mind and features Minhee’s ethereal vocals highlighting the stark and atmospheric track. You can press play on it here.


Caroline’s new single opens up with a smattering of chirping birds, as she ushers in a chill indie-pop groove. The singer’s vocals float about the track as she recollects on a one-sided relationship. Her clear R&B influences, and stylistic phrasing, create a great summer jam.

JOE TURNER // “Malibak

The new electronics track from the British Producer is trippy, dizzying, lush, and hypnotic all at once. A song that transports the listener to EDC or Coachella in its 4:58 seconds timeframe. You can listen to “Malibak” out now to create your own at-home dance party.


Forging the abstract intensity of Scandinavian synth-pop, and the beat-laden American R&B. Emilie finds a home in an intricate piece focusing on the beginning stages of falling for someone or not. It’s full of vulnerability, something that’s she’s diving into more openly on her upcoming record “Let Her Breathe”. It is due for a June 5th release. To get a first taste of that record to listen to “If I Call” below.

EASY LIFE // “Peanut Butter (Live Performance Video)

Easy Life is the English Alternative Rock group formed in Leicester. Signed to Island Records the band recently released two demos (“Peanut Butter” and “Petty Crime”). The See You Later Maybe Never demo sessions came together while in quarantine, of the two tracks “Peanut Butter” was my favorite. The group created DIY visuals for both songs that showcase the bands’ musical dexterity, grooviness, fun vibes, and all-around the potential for growth as a band. Be sure to give the bands collab with Arlo Parks a listen as well for more bright young things.

CARMANAH // “Best Interests

“Best Interests” is the new bluesy Indie Rock track from the Canadian band Carmanah. It’s a beautifully warm track about love, relationships, and being there for those we care for. Lead vocalist Laura Mina Mitic’s lush and slightly smoky vocals highlight the song and its sound. Something that’s vintage and moody meets luminous electro-pop. That same sound is what the band calls West Coast Soul. You can give the quarantine shot music video a view below…


Chaz cleverly and cheekily turns a familiar acronym on its head with his new single, “S.O.S.” Chaz continues his strong message of self-acceptance through self-examination. This is oft set against catchy hooks and refrains, his goofy sense of humor, and a unique melody or two. You can check out the track below.

BOYBAND // “realtree

realtree” is the second single from boyband. He’s a sought after producer that was Grammy-nominated for his work with Lil Nas X on “Kick It”. This second single is produced deftly, as he fuses multiple genres and sounds. As boyband spits each verse out, you can hear the raw emotional split against a hardcore cynicism. It’s capturing something we’ve all felt or experienced at some point in our lives.

EMAROSA // “So Bad”(Lliam + Latroit Remix)

Lexington Alternative Rock band Emarosa just dropped a super dope remix of their infectious track “So Bad”. The original track although written at a different time (it’s off the band’s breakout album Peach Club). It truly resonates in this time, as it’s about missing someone you love. The remix done by Grammy-winning producer Latriot gives the track another layer of freshness, warmth, and texture. Get on your dancing shoes and click to listen here.


A surprising find courtesy of another artist I love and follow, The Dawn of May. Her friend dropped a lovely new single showing a mix of strong vocals, unconventionality, and glances of nostalgia. Atarah’s new single succeeds in creating a distinctive sound and vision.

SKOTT // “Talk About Me

Talk About Me” is the new song from Swedish singer-songwriter Skott. It tells the trippy story of a young girl who loses her mind to narcissism while chasing her dreams. This song and subject matter continues to allow Skott to flourish vocally and lyrical, creating a folk driven pop sound-space filled with lush harmonies enough for her to play. Skott’s new song was is a partnership with Cosmos Music and her record label Dollar Menu. “Talk About Me” is accompanied by an equally mad animated music video directed by the artist herself, and her friend Paras IV. The animated music video plays host to cast of celeb characters and Skott herself as she rides a giant beetle throughout Florida. It’s crazy, it’s surrealist, it’s Pop Art. You can watch the new Skott music video below.

I’ve updated the playlist! To listen click here.

Until then,

Brittney x

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