Here This Now is here to keep you updated on the newest and greatest in music! This is edition 4 of the series.

Edition 4 features everything from Noah Cyrus covering Mac Miller to to the new Glass Animals track. Once again we got you (and your playlists) covered with edition 4…

BUDDY // ‘Black 2

Los Angeles rapper Buddy is back with a timely and dope new single and music video. ‘Black 2’ is out now, the sequel to the 2018 viral hit ‘Black’ with ASAP Ferg. The original track became a viral hit spawning a rash of dance videos as it-became a rallying cry for Black culture. Keeping in tradition with a catchy AF chorus while hitting harder in beat, tone, and lyric. Buddy calling out systemic racism and cultural appropriation. Throughout the music video Buddt often recalls Malcolm X the single cover itself is an homage to his 1964 Life Magazine cover. There’s also tributes paid to Spike Lee’s film ‘Do The Right Thing’ and the Black Panther Party among others. All in all ‘Black 2’ is a song that’s the celebration of Black life.

NOAH CYRUS // ‘Dunno (Mac Miller Cover)’

Noah Cyrus latest release is her take on the Mac Miller trackDunnooff his fifth studio albumSwimming”. Noah’s version features more electronic production and she doesn’t deter lyrically. While still managing to imbue a new emotionality into the track it holds onto the original feel. Speaking about the song, Noah reveals, “Mac was such a beautiful and respected artist, and his loss was felt around the world. His legacy lives on through his incredible music. I’m so proud to cover his record ‘Dunno’ and support the Mac Miller Fund in his honor.” You can learn more about the fund and donate here.

CLAVVS // ‘Half moon

A euphoric track that’s not super new but nonetheless a track I loved from first listen. It’s a recent SoundCloud find and off the Electro-pop duo CLAVVS newest album “No Saviors”. “Half Moon” ushers in hazy lush synth work into the passionate undertones. It all melds together to elevate the duo’s precise melodies and glossy production. Lead vocalist Amber Renee’s vocal delivery is gorgeous a bit sexy as she weaves this hypnotic tale.

SAMINA // ‘Prom

The twenty-year old shows a ton of promise on her debut single “Prom”. A soft melodic guitar-driven track about the high school right of passage “Prom”. Lyrically Samina takes an introspective look at the institution of Prom. How it never lives up to her or many people’s expectations. Samina’s vocals are wistful yet harmonious as they flit about the track. The song itself is pleasing mixture of dreamy indie pop and bedroom pop with notable influences of artists like Lorde and Noah Cyrus easy to find. Samina says this song was the perfect way to close out this chapter of her life.

GLASS ANIMALS // ‘Heat Waves’

This incredibly catchy track is from the band’s upcoming album “Dreamland”. It’s an expert mix of several genres such as electro pop, alternative dance, lofi, and hip-hop. The vocals of frontman Dave Bayley have a smooth and raspy tonality to them. The music video finds him wandering the streets singing along with various passerby’s filming the acting on their phones. Bayley ends the clip alone in a theater. We see the rest of the band playing along on tv screens. This music video is an ode to the culture of live music, the sense of community and closeness it fosters. It’s a community where vulnerability and being yourself is key. These lessons and sentiments also encapsulate this emotional track. You can watch the official video below and check out the new live clip here.


R&B/Soul artist Devon Gilfillian just dropped a new lyric video for his current top ten adult alternative hit “The Good Life”. The collage-style clip incorporates images he took from a Nashville Black Lives Matter protest. The smokey vocals that adorn the timely track written about the beauty of being from a different race, country or skin color, i.e. the other. The whole ensemble is a honeyed throwback with the lyric video perfectly contextualizing the track. You can watch the lyric video here then give Devon’s debut album a listen here.

ZARA LARSSON // ‘Love Me Land

Zara’s new track is insanely fun from the get-go. She oozes sheer sex appeal in the music video and the track itself. A song is about finally letting go and learning to love, hence the title. The lush synth work and earworm chorus and melodies make it a track worth hitting repeat. You can check out the music video below.

MAKAYA MCCRAVEN // ‘Beat Science

This live Jazz cut from the Chicago based drummer and producer is the second offering from his upcoming release “Universal Beings E&F Sides”. The experimental track is an exuberant and lively arrangement full of elements from soul, R&B and Psychedelia. The song is anchored by McCraven’s rhythmic loose style of drumming introduce in a few classical artists (there’s a harpist). It’s a fresh wave of jazz that approachable and a must listen.

NTHN // ‘Post (Last Conversation)

An underground Ambient and Experimental artist who upon a breakup decided to document with a song. NTHN often seizes upon personal moments and experiences turning them into art. This latest track is part Avant-Garde spoken word rap, part Alternative R&B confessional. ‘Post (Last Conversation)’ is short but packs a punch emotionally.

TCTS (FEAT. GLOWIE) // ‘Better Without You

On this latest track UK producer, artist, remixer, and DJ TCTS team up with Icelandic singer Glowie. TCTS intoxicating blend of slick production and pop leaning melodies elevate funky House track. The song on first note is fun and ready for the dance floor. Singer Glowie navigates this upbeat break up track deftly with her alluring vocal delivery. The lyric video takes on a sci-fi/vaporwave theme to match the song’s energy. You can check it out below.

CRYING VESSEL // ‘The Abyss’

A welcome surprise on my Spotify Release Radar. Duo Crying Vessel’s new track “The Abyss” hits immediately and packs a powerful punch. It’s from the upcoming album “Pleasures For The Wicked”. An album about being stuck inbetween life and death. The lyrics are dark almost seductive and they paint these abstract scenes of horror. Echoes of the bands like Joy Division, Depeche Mode, early NIN, and Bauhaus can heard flittering in and out. Crying Vessel create a fun, hard-hitting and dynamic song that’s ready for the dance floor.

I’ve created a new playlist for this series which include songs from Edition 4. To listen click here.

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