Ferraro is the Toronto based sibling band comprised of guitarist Cosmo, bassist Tally, and drummer Gianni. The trio is currently working on their as-yet titled forthcoming EP. ‘Fool’s Paradise‘ is the groups newest release. A fun track showcasing their dynamic and vibrant sound. Ferraro teamed up with us at TRB to create a playlist. It features a few of their favorite music discoveries. So read (and listen on!) to learn a bit more about the brothers!

Ferraro‘s Favorite Music Discoveries:

Paul Simon – Still Crazy After All These Years

Admittedly late to the Paul Simon party, I’m just now discovering his catalog. This tune immediately stood out as a favourite.

Tobias Jesso Jr – How Could You Babe

First heard this song over the PA at a festival and had to Shazam it. Now it’s a memory of festivals and better days.

Dion & The Belmonts – Runaround Sue

A classic tune that we used to cover quite often. Never have we filled up a dancefloor as easily as placing this one in a set.

Sameer Cash – Stay in Touch

Our pal Sam delivered an important message, ‘stay in touch with your mother!’

1000 Times – Hamilton Leithauser

This song is as good as his last name is hard to spell. 

You ever restart a song before it even ends, because it’s just that good!

San Francisco – Jane’s Party

A must have road trip tune!

Carolina Drama – The Raconteurs

I love a song that tells a story.

Lousy Connection – Ezra Furman

When I first heard this song I listened to it on repeat about 100 times. Something about the horn lines and Ezra’s wailing voice in the chorus that just hits in the right place. It takes the old 50’s retro sound and makes it sound completely new.

Shine on Me – Dan Auerbach

Great song for driving with the window’s down on a summer day. Dan is one of my favourite songwriters and this song gives me a very George Harrison vibe, so you can’t really go wrong. Also the opening line makes me laugh.

Own Alone – Bahamas

First release off of an album with my favourite name of all albums, Sad Hunk. Very smooth but still upbeat which Bahamas does in such an effortless way. Also has one of the most unique guitar solos I’ve heard in awhile.

You can listen to Ferraro‘s playlist on Spotify here.

Ferraro Band

Make sure to give the new single ‘Fool’s Paradise‘ a listen here. It’s out now on all DSPs.

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