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For the first time, my publication The Reclusive Blogger had been credentialed to cover the awards ceremony. Although the press pool was at home covering virtually, due to the unprecedented year because of the pandemic. All of us that were in The Academy’s virtual media center arrived in style and were very eager to cover the ceremony, hoping to get a chance to chat with the winners immediately after they’ve won. And like aways I had prepped and researched (maybe to a fault) on every single person nominated.

Although, unfortunately, I’d set out to write a different article as you can tell from the pre-written paragraph. I am now writing about my thoughts and feelings from my first experience. So I hope you the reader will enjoy this instead! I’ve a screenshot of my prepped notes and questions for pretty much any winning eventuality. I was prepped and prepared but I didn’t get to ask anything. So, alas, that is the life of a press pool reporter! Anyway, Let’s dive in…

The ‘always over-prepared rather than’ Reclusive Blogger

All in all, the immersive event The Academy put together stayed within the same vein as the normal interview room. Each journalist vying for that pivotal chance to ask a question of every OSCARS® winner that makes it backstage. In-person each journalist is assigned a number there’s a freshness, a buzz, and it’s alive. There’s something that unfortunately being in this digital Zoom version lacked. While as exciting as it was, particularly as a newbie journalist to even be credentialed, let alone to be in a room with so many major journalists from all over the world. That shine quickly faded once I realized that I wasn’t getting a chance to ask a question. Yes, I made it through the entire telecast happy to those who did and extremely happy for those who won an OSCARS® because that’s what it was truly about. Yet, I couldn’t help leaving the Virtual Media Center feeling like the kid that was never going to get called on no matter how many times I used the raised hand feature. I’m pretty sure others felt like that as well. Still, as I am with any fantastic opportunity I am extremely grateful and hope to return next year where I can fully experience the OSCARS® as media, be it on the red carpet or in the interview room. Thanks again to The Academy and below are some of my favorite anecdotes from last night’s show.

So as I said prior it was great seeing how it all went down and want to put some of my favorite moments below. The first moment being from one of my favorite musicians ever. Trent Reznor aka Nine Inch Nails stepped into the virtual “backstage” along with frequent collaborator, Atticus Ross & co-winner Jon Batiste. The team won for Original Score for the Pixar movie “Soul”. They then took a few questions from the press pool. You can catch a short clip below where there’s even a bit of Batiste singing.

“Clip Courtesy A.M.P.A.S.© 2021”

Another great moment from last night was when the heavily pregnant and most likely super tired Emerald Fennell stopped by. It was fantastic to see her nab the win for Original Screenplay and see her so super buoyant about her win. So to share in that small moment of joy with her was definitely a highlight. You can check out the small clip below.

“Clip Courtesy A.M.P.A.S.© 2021”

Although I was truly gunning to get in a question with him. I knew it was dang near impossible, so once again I was happy to see and share in the moment of Daniel’s win. Judas And The Black Messiah was my favorite movie this awards season (I got a screener of it earlier this year). You can see a clip from Daniel Kaluuya’s backstage interview with reporters below minus the controversy, but if unfamiliar you can read about it here.

“Clip Courtesy A.M.P.A.S.© 2021”

And, my last favorite moment was this specific quote from backstage from Best Supporting Actress winner, Yuh-Jung Youn was asked by a reporter about Brad Pitt and how he smells she answered quite matter of factly with “I didn’t smell him. I’m not a dog. I didn’t smell him. No.” Although hilarious, I truly hope this implores us journalists to ask better questions.

Also, please stay tuned for my recap of my favorite fashions from OSCARS® night which I’ll post tomorrow! 🙏🏾💕

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