Alternative Rock band Shinedown announce the details of their new film, ‘Attention Attention’. In what is described as an all around visual experience directed by Bill Yukich (Beyoncé, Metallica, Wiz Khalifa). Also features theatrical performances by Shinedown, Melora Walters, and Francesca Eastwood, among others. This film experience brings the bands sixth studio album of the same name to life in a unique way. It’s sure to delight Shinedown fans, and music fans overall. To view the trailer go here. ‘Attention Attention’ is now available for preorder via Digital here. For Today only preorder within the U.S. (August 24th) you can get a discounted price of $6.99 until Midnight EST tonight. After that, it’s $12.99. To learn more about Shinedown click here.

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The Reclusive Blogger aka Brittney Williams is a music, editorial & fine arts photographer and writer based in Los Angeles, California — When I'm not taking photos or writing (I love writing poetry and writing about music). You'll find me at a concert (come say hi I'm super nice and have Converse on!), listening music and even making electronic music. You will also find me super active (and super friendly) on social media and I love to spend time with my family. :)

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