Pop Singer and newly signed Republic Records Artist Kim Petras returns with her first release of 2021. The track titled “Future Starts Now” is out now and is the first taste of her highly anticipated debut album. “Future Starts Now” is a timely blend of nostalgic 80s dance European house and futurism. Kim’s bright vocals highlight the shimmering synths, syncopated beats, and glossy basslines. The lyrics all speak towards a catchy yet empowered message. A song that’ll have hooked and singing along from the start and one you’ll undoubtedly want to playlist. A disco-pop bop meets futuristic empowering dancefloor anthem. It’s a lane that Petras has established quite the name for herself with hits like “Icy” and “Heart To Break”. “Future Starts Now” made its (live) debut at last month’s Lollapalooza during her set on July 29th. The track written during the uncertainty of quarantine, expertly echoes the feelings many of us have. It’s also the perfect comeback single her fans and pop music devotees were waiting for. This late summer anthem is our theme song as we try to make the most of our existence right now. As everything has seemingly on pause let’s just dance it out and take solace in music. Petras reminds us that our ‘Future Starts Now’, we can always rewrite our stories whenever we so choose to.

You can stream the new single by Kim Petras here and below!


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The Reclusive Blogger aka Brittney Williams is a music, editorial & fine arts photographer and writer based in Los Angeles, California — When I'm not taking photos or writing (I love writing poetry and writing about music). You'll find me at a concert (come say hi I'm super nice and have Converse on!), listening music and even making electronic music. You will also find me super active (and super friendly) on social media and I love to spend time with my family. :)

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