The Marías played two nights at The Novo in DTLA with Night 2 openers Rosie Tucker and Maye

• UPDATED: The Reclusive Blogger regrettably misgendered opening act Rosie Tucker. Tucker goes by They/Them pronouns. We have since fixed the article and error.

Last Sunday, Los Angeles Indie darlings, The Marías’ came full circle bringing their Cinema tour to an emotional close. The band which is lead vocalist María Zardoya and drummer Josh Conway first met at The Kibitz Room at Canters Deli. María was playing that night and Josh was in charge of sound. They soon connected and began writing music together. The duo rounded out their sizzling chemistry with two live musicians for gigs, Edward James and Jesse Perlman. James on Keys, Perlman on Guitar, and then the addition of Gabe Steiner on the Trumpet.

Opening acts for tonight were Rosie Tucker and Maye. Each brought a fun alternative vibe and sound to the show that night. Surf rock meets garage rock is where Tucker truly thrived. Tucker hails from the West Hills, and not only did the artist bring their musicianship A-game but audience banter too. When a minor guitar tuning issue transpired not letting up so easily. Tucker parlayed cheekily into light audience banter and proved to be quite funny. Their sound was eclectic but full of raw emotion and is something all three acts embodied. Maye was the perfect in-between to both artists unleashing her soulful beachy pop sounds and bilingual lyrics amongst a full band. Her dance-centered set was not only groove-laden but showcased Maye’s knack for writing pop-centric melodies and her vocal talent.


It was now time for The Marías. After a special heartfelt welcome from Josh’s father Lionel Conway. Who works in the music industry as a music executive. It was time for the headliner as Lights went up. The Marías came out to a sold-out crowd for night two. That was ready and waiting to hear all the signature tunes. The majority of the audience danced and sang along, out loud and proud to every lyric that night. It was amazing to see the Cinema album take life, knowing that Zardoya and Conway take a lot of inspiration from film. Zardoya in particular from Pedro Almodóvar. Thus, allowing them to create and carve out a fulfilling, distinctive, and soulful pop psychedelia soundscape and therefore achieve such a loyal following.

The Marías opened up with the Cinema fever dream track, ‘Calling U Back setting the tone for the night. Lighting also set the tone and was key for The Marías minimalist stage setup and was awash in it. It also ushered in the different song segues by evoking various emotions. Purples and Pinks tempered their Britney Spears cover and ‘Little By Little’. While ‘All I Really Want Is You’ and ‘Heavy’ found the band bath in spotlights and their signature colors. Something the Cinema tour truly stuck to red, white, and black were everywhere. María even sported that palette in two gorgeous statement outfits. The first featured a heavily bejeweled pearl corseted top with a ruched black skirt and black combat boots. She later changed into a black corseted crop top and long red skirt for the encore of ‘Hush’ (my fave) and ‘Cariño.

Yet, it was Zardoya’s delicate breathy vocals that carried the night. Earnest and melodic in their delivery. They suited the Flamenco meets Jazz-Pop sound so well. That made not only Cinema so darn alluring but this concert as well. How she seemingly interweaving it all with a simple snap of the wrist or swing of her hips casting an ethereal slim figure amongst the shadows and spotlight. After all, Cinema was entirely devoted to film and film noir. The Marías have cast a character with their music that is not only sensual. But one that breathes of pure escapism. What could be more hypnotic than that?

Check out the photo gallery from the show below. All photos were taken by me If used please credit Brittney Williams of The Reclusive Blogger.

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