Marie Naffah is an artist that TRB has championed quite a bit. Her honest and engaging Indie Folk meets Art Pop tales that invoke a bygone era of singer-songwriter music. Even her very DIY approach to touring and promotion. Now as Naffah preps for her latest release ‘Trains’. I caught up with the singer a bit and she also recorded an exclusive performance of her new single off ‘Trains’ titled, “Angie”.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Hey, Marie! How have you been? Thanks for doing this performance!

MARIE NAFFAH: Hey Brittney! I’m good thanks – great to be releasing new music again. And thank you for inviting me! I loved our interview last year so it’s a pleasure to play for you and your readership.  

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Can you delve into the backstory and inspiration behind the track “Angie” that you’re singing today?

MARIE NAFFAH: ‘Angie’ is the third track off my upcoming EP. The song is written about a character called ‘Angie’ who is having a difficult time. I don’t actually know anyone by that name, but I wanted her to be a composite of people that I’ve encountered: a bit of me, a bit of people I know, and strangers, too. 

As for a backstory, I was looking back at lockdown and how it affected people I knew. There was a lot of pain, but also a lot of hiding. A pressure to present oneself as positive. I wanted to make a song that says ‘whatever mood you’re in, I’m here’.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: What would be your favourite lyric from this song?

MARIE NAFFAH: ‘You’re taking longer showers cos it’s somewhere to hide’ – probably one of my most favourite lines I’ve ever written. 

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER:What’s your early prediction for the song of summer 2022?

MARIE NAFFAH: Maggie Rogers’ album ‘Surrender’ is out in July – that has my full attention right now. 

Everything she does – every trailer, every caption, every movement is so meticulously thought through. I love that.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: “Are you listening” is also the first track off your upcoming EP? What can you tell us about that EP?

MARIE NAFFAH: My EP is out on the 27th of May and there are some very cool things that I’m planning alongside it so please follow me on Spotify, say hello on Instagram or TikTok

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Marie Naffah performs “Angie”

Stream Marie Naffah’s “Angie” out now

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