Hey, friends! 🙂 Last night was iHeartRadio's inaugural Jingle Ball concert. Held at the Forum for lucky ticket holders or on the Livestream which is where I watched. Thanks to the CW. Any way you enjoyed it, It was a great fun way to kick off December and the Christmas Holidays ...


Hey friends! It's me Britt aka 'The Reclusive Blogger' back with my yearly special. My favorite albums of the year. This was a brilliant year in music which made narrowing down the list to ten difficult but I did it. I did name other albums I loved as well though. Great right? So let's get started ...

HypnotiQ Morning – SoundCloud

HypnotiQ Morning

LIBRARIES | Holly Goes Abroad

Lovely pics!

Nut Free Nerd

There are so many amazing things about Oxford that it’s incredibly difficult to choose just one favorite. However, if I had to pick a single thing that I absolutely adore about living here it would be the LIBRARIES.

My bookish friends, I am in library paradise.

There are still so many libraries that I have to explore, but the ones that I’ve visited thus far are breathtaking. Today I’ll be sharing my three favorite libraries in Oxford:

Bodleian Library

The Bodleian Library is HUGE (there’s me walking up the front steps for scale!). It stretches way beyond what is shown in the photo above and it even has several floors of underground tunnels that connect it to other libraries in Oxford. The Bod has over 12 million items and is the main research library for the University of Oxford. When I first arrived here I wasn’t sure I would be…

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My Ten Loftiest Goals … Currently …

1. Become a Getty Images Entertainment Staff Photographer 2. Hold my first super awesomesauce art gallery show 3. Get at least one or two of photographs and artwork hung in a MAJOR art museum/gallery 4. Collaborate and work with the photographers, artists,musicians and songwriters that I find I most inspiring to me as artist holistically. [...]


ARTIST: MONDO COZMO DATE: JUNE 29TH, 2017 LOCATION: LOS ANGELES,CA Hello, from 'The Reclusive Blogger' again! This evening I had the absolute pleasure of seeing one of my favorite new artists and honestly just one of my favorite artists in general Mondo Cozmo. The Musician in question is the current artistic moniker of Joshua Ostrander [...]

Collection of Instagram …

This a short gallery of Instagram photos I took over the years of one of my favorite subjects, Sunrises and Sunsets. They are from here and there, old and new(ish), Up in the Air and By the Sea (or River). Please enjoy! 🙂  ©Brittney Williams ©thereclusiveblogger