Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent is the highly anticipated debut album from Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi. The album dropped today. It features the viral sensation “Bruises” and the mega hit “Someone You Love”.

The album opens with full force on “Grace“. This track is the perfect opener and introduction for the record. The mid-tempo pop-rock track shows off Lewis’ vocals with just a bit of rasp and lets the listener know that this album is one of heartbreak, love, loss, anxiety … All of the feelings that are tough to sit in. “Bruises” is a melodic piano driven ballad. That allows for Lewis’ vocals to be front and center. The ticking clocks usher in “Hold Me While You Wait” which is his current single and focuses on the anxieties of being in limbo in a relationship. The softness and beauty highlighted in the piano and melody on “Someone You Loved” set against the fraught vocal achieves it desired effect. The album picks up the pace again on “Maybe” and “Lost On You” with Lewis changing up his vocal delivery somewhat and electric guitar being the focus on these songs. “Forever” takes inspiration from Doo-Wop elements and is one of the highlights from the record for me. “One” and “Hollywood” falter a bit, being sleepy amongst the other gems on this record. Although Lewis gets back on track with “Don’t Get Me Wrong” and “Fade“, the two most soulful and R&B inspired tracks on the album. The vocals on both matching that style as well. “Headspace” is the perfect close out song encapsulating the sound, feel, and vibe of what is “Devinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent.

Stream/BuyDivinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent” – https://lewiscapaldi.lnk.to/DivinelyUninspiredToAHellishExtent

Follow Lewis Capaldi Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Actress and GRAMMY® nominated Singer-Songwriter Rebecca Pidgeon has released a new three-song EP called “Circus Delirium”. The EP produced by Thomas Bartlett (St. Vincent, Sufjan Stevens, and Yoko Ono) is an enchanting set filled with emotion that is conveyed mostly through Rebecca’s often soft yet alluring vocals. On “Underwater Boys” the lyrics are as cheeky as the music with the jazzy pop music flitting about. The title track “Circus Delirium” is dark and enchanting and a bit heavier in tone than the first track. We end with “Sudden Exposure To Light” a track that highlights Rebecca’s vocals best alongside minimal necessary instrumentation, closing out “Circus Delirium” the short but very fulfilling three track EP. You can learn more about Rebecca and her music as well as stream the EP all down below.

Rebecca Pidgeon // Socials –

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rebeccapidgeon

Official website: http://www.rebeccapidgeonmusic.com/

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Lewis Capaldi delivers a heart-rendering new single, “Hold Me While You Wait”

Singer-Songwriter Lewis Capaldi is back with another beautifully delivered heartbreak ballad. “Hold Me While You Wait” which is off his upcoming debut album “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent” uniquely captures the aching realization that the one you love is still waiting for someone else to appear. Lewis’ vocals are strong and haunting on the track fully tearing into the emotion that is this song.

“‘Hold Me While You Wait’ is a song I wrote about the uncertainty of being in a relationship when your partner isn’t sure what they want. There’s an impending hopelessness to the whole thing, on both sides, when they’re not sure whether they want to be in that relationship or not, for me it’s one of the most desperate places you can find yourself in.” Lewis says of the track.

Following the major success of his current single Someone You Loved which has amassed over 300 million plays and topped the charts in both Ireland and Scotland. Lewis is headed out on a U.S. tour in June. His debut album “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent” which recorded in London, NYC and Los Angeles will be released on May 17th. To learn more on Lewis Capaldi, stream “Hold Me While You Wait”, and to pre-order his debut. Look no further than below.

Photo credit: Alexandra Gavillet
Photo credit: Alexandra Gavillet

Stream “Hold Me While You Wait”: https://lewiscapaldi.lnk.to/HoldMeWhileYouWait

Pre-Order “Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent”: https://lewiscapaldi.lnk.to/lcdutahe

Follow Lewis Capaldi: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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Seba Kaapstad are a captivating band using their diverse backgrounds as a huge canvas for their music. The latest single “Africa” combines a mix of jazz, soul, hip-hop, and the music of Africa in a swirl of sounds. I chatted with band about music, their current single and upcoming album, creative processes and much more. You can read about it all below …

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Morning Bird or Night Owl?

SEBA KAAPSTAD: Zoe and I for sure Night Owls, on the other hand Manana and Pheel definitely Morning Birds

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: What are some of your earliest music memories? It could be as a band or individually.

SEBA KAAPSTAD: As a band there was an initial moment and also our earliest music memory, when we first came upon each other and jammed some tunes together. There was such a beautiful vibe in that room and everybody was left speechless cause we didn’t expect this kind of chemistry at all levels. That was also the beginning of Seba Kaapstad.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: I love the music video for “Africa” how did you guys come up with the concept for the visuals? 

SEBA KAAPSTAD: Thank you very much, I’m glad you like it. Actually the concept for the video was created by Harry Delgas – a friend of mine –  after he listened a to the song a few times. „Africa“ is a song of contemplation and his idea was to capture this by the artists looking at their reflections in the mirror

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Let’s talk about your current single “Africa”. Can you tell me more about the creative and writing process behind it?

SEBA KAAPSTAD: We wrote the song together. Pheel and I created a rough idea for the song and sent it over to Zoe and Manana. They then sat with the beat and just improvised till they knew  what they felt like writing about at that moment. Usually the themes vary depending on what they think needs to be said. There are so many stories they like telling that they try not to limit themselves, whether its love, pain, loss or joy and identity. Africa is a song describing how Africa is a place where people from multiple cultures can call home, no matter what is going on in the continent.


THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: How do you think having a band with such a diverse background drives your sound?

SEBA KAAPSTAD: With two members from Europe and two from different parts of Southern Africa, we almost had no choice but to experiment. And the result is a combination of African percussion and vocal sounds, combined with European and jazz harmony with hip hop and electronic elements. We as a band have similar tastes in music and what we listen to, but our backgrounds are so different, and you can hear that in our sound.  A sound combining cultures literally on different parts of the world.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Your full length release “Thina” is set be released this May. How has the recording and writing process been for it? 

SEBA KAAPSTAD: We have taken a different approach with this album. The music is more electronic and has a variety of elements that we did not explore in our debut release. However, every song is still a journey on its own. We take our listeners on a trip from the first minute, till the very last second. The writing process of our songs has been challenging at times with us having to navigate being from two continents and making it work. We write in a combination of ways. Often I will come with chords or a beat made by myself and Phil, and after a brief discussion between Zoe and Manana about what they feel the beat feels like, they write. Bouncing ideas off one another until it sounds like a good story to make a song out of. Afterwards Pheel and I will finish the song in our studio. We even do the mixing together.


THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Dream musical collaboration?

SEBA KAAPSTAD: We hope to get „Sampa the Great“ someday for a collab cause I’m sure her style would fit perfectly to our band sound. Also working with „Anderson .Paak“ would be definitely a big dream. Both artists influenced our sound a lot. But of course there are many more we would like to work with.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Are there any artists that have been “On Repeat” for you as a band lately? What music have you guys been digging?

SEBA KAAPSTAD: There have been many artists „On Repeat“ since we have been working on „Thina“ Right now it’s „H.E.R.“, „Emily King“ or „Oumou Sangbare“ but also Bands like „The Internet“, „Jaga Jazzist“ or „Hiatus Kaiyote“.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: What was everyone’s favorite children’s book as a kid?

SEBA: It’s „Der Struwwelpeter“ a book for children from 1844 ZOE: I don’t have one. Instead was being told children’s stories called „Inganekwane“ in sisZulu MANANA: Also don’t have one PHEEL: It’s „Pippi Langstrumpf“ from Astrid Lindgren

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: And what’s next for Seba Kaapstad as band?

SEBA KAAPSTAD: After the Release there will be a small tour in Europe in June and also one in November. So the focus will be on our live setup first. But we’re already writing and producing new music. I think it’s always good to focus on multiple things at the same time to keep the workflow going.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Anything else you guys would like to add? Thank you for your time!

SEBA KAAPSTAD: Thank you too for having us on your blog. We really appreciate your work there!

So that’s that you can stream the new Seba Kaapstad single “Bye” below and forget to subscribe to my emails and like always for the latest and best in music, entertainment and pop culture be sure to stay tuned with The Reclusive Blogger!

Seba Kaapstad // “Bye” – https://soundcloud.com/sebakaapstad/bye

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Meet newcomer singer-songwriter and artist Yoshi Flower. He is currently opening up for K-Pop Hip-Hop band Epik High on their U.S. tour. I got to chat with him immediately after he took to the stage at The Wiltern. We talked about his creative process, music, books, including The Catcher in Rye. Yoshi Flower has a unique style and artistry of blending multiple genres such as Rock, Trap, R&B, the heavy synths of Electronic music against a backdrop of pop melodies and hard edge guitar. His Friday night opener slot at The Wiltern showcased such, the inner workings of an artist looking to make an impact as well as one with major promise. It was just him and a guitar as he played through a fast paced set of songs, just enough crowd interaction and tons of energy. He ended his set surprising the crowd whom he had clearly won over by throwing his guitar into the air in total rock star fashion. Below you can read my full interview with Yoshi Flower

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: I always start off with an ice breaker question so are you a Morning Bird or Night Owl?

YOSHI FLOWER: I say I’m a night owl. I’m a Night Owl.


THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: It was mentioned that you have a new song “Empty” coming out can you tell us a bit more about it?

YOSHI FLOWER: It’s about no matter how hard you try to fix internal problems with outside things it’s never gonna work. The harder you try to fix the inside with things that you see on the outside is the worst thing you feel inside. I’m just done with that. I don’t give a fuck about anything other than just like passion, inspiration, family, helping other people. And it’s been working for me as far as my happiness. So that’s what it’s about.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: As far as the sound, does it kind of sound more like your current single dirty water? Or is it kind of sound different?

YOSHI FLOWER: It sounds like Dirty Water.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: That one sounds cool btw.

YOSHI FLOWER: Thank you.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: How did you come up with the name YOSHI FLOWER and why that name?

YOSHI FLOWER: Because my name is Joshua Flower, my legal name. And Yoshi is a nickname for Joshua.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Did it have anything to do with the video game character?

YOSHI FLOWER: No. But it was a pleasant coincidence.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Is there a lyric that you’ve written that has the most meaning to you or is your favorite?

YOSHI FLOWER: No. Extremely hard to pick from.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: What was your favorite children’s book as a kid?

YOSHI FLOWER: My favorite book as a child was “Where the Wild Things Are“.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Oh, that’s a good one. That one has a lot of symbolism in it too.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: If you could turn any book into a song what book would you pick and why?

YOSHI FLOWER: I feel like I would pick like The Catcher in the Rye just because I feel like Holden Caulfield was the original ‘Sad Boy’. It might just be the bubble that I live in. But people are very extroverted with their sadness right now. It’s almost like a form of flexing. And it’s great that people can get their feelings out and validated in that way. But I feel like he was like the OG ‘Sad Boys’.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: To be honest, that’s my favorite book ever written. Yeah, I love JD Salinger and everything he’s ever written.

YOSHI FLOWER: He’s just a rock star.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: What’s a typical creative and writing process like for you? 

YOSHI FLOWER: I try and write as much as I can. I really respect the craft of songwriting. But typically the stuff that ends of coming out is just like word vomit. It’s rare that I write a melody first, I’m trying to more. I’m trying to write a melody and fill in the words, like a lot of my idols. A lot of people that have made great compelling art, as far as songwriting media have been really focused melodically and then they’ve gone back and filled it in. And, and I haven’t. I’ve only realized that people like my music, like, pretty recently, so I haven’t, like, approached it as any sort of an exercise ever. But now that I have the space, to just be creative, to start stretching myself in those ways. And also, sometimes it’ll just be, I’m driving, someone’s driving me and I’m in the seat. Someone said something and I write it down. And then I’m like, I gotta get home and write about it. So I come from the words world.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: What’s your favorite 90s jam? 

YOSHI FLOWER: Nevermind by Nirvana. The entire album.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Are there any current artists that have been “On Repeat” for you lately? What music have you been digging?


And that’s that. I’d like to thank Yoshi Flower for the lovely chat and to Interscope for the invite! You can stream Yoshi Flower latest song “Dirty Water” below and learn more about him.

The Wiltern // Setlist:







Dirty Water

Brown Paper Bag

Official Website – http://yoshiflower.me

Stream Yoshi Flower // “Dirty Water” – https://open.spotify.com/track/5jQLThKnh8dbFaHnF5qgRJ?si=Lw0G1tO6QWKUWQmIpX35ZA

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Young emerging pop singer Cloe Wilder just released her debut track as a solo artist. “Overthinking” hones in on the struggles of anxiety she faces. This is something many of us face. The song features Cloe’s soft and melodic vocals against a electro-pop track that’s heavy bass-laden with pizzicato strings and accented with melodic synths. Cloe Wilder with “Overthinking” fits quite nicely into the space of so many young artists today who openly express all of their emotions with song, particularly the more difficult ones such as sadness. To learn more on Cloe Wilder and to stream “Overthinking” look no further than below …

Stream “Overthinking” – http://smarturl.it/cloeoverthinking

Cloe Wilder // Socials: 

Website: https://www.cloewilder.com/

FB: www.facebook.com/cloewilder

Twitter: www.twitter.com/cloewilder

IG: www.instagram.com/cloewilder

YouTube: https://bit.ly/2QSz091

Photo: Chalisa Singh
Photo: Chalisa Singh

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