My Ten Loftiest Goals … Currently …

1. Become a Getty Images Entertainment Staff Photographer

2. Hold my first super awesomesauce art gallery show

3. Get at least one or two of photographs and artwork hung in a MAJOR art museum/gallery

4. Collaborate and work with the photographers, artists,musicians and songwriters that I find I most inspiring to me as artist holistically.

5. Put myself out there more and open up as a person and a better artist. I need to gain more real experiences in life to grow as a person and continually become a better me.

6. Photograph an entire awards season including the major parties, just all of it!

7. Become Verified on Twitter & Facebook.

8. Land a major photo assignment and campaign with a well-know brand,celebrity,company or magazine,etc and thus have it subsequently published.

9. Get one of my songs played on the radio and licensed for major campaign.

10. Set even loftier goals and repeat! 

Signed, Brittney Williams aka The Reclusive Blogger 🙂 x

Collection of Instagram …

This a short gallery of Instagram photos I took over the years of one of my favorite subjects, Sunrises and Sunsets. They are from here and there, old and new(ish), Up in the Air and By the Sea (or River). Please enjoy! 🙂 

©Brittney Williams ©thereclusiveblogger


Thoughts on Bastille’s “Glory” Video …

So now that the “Glory” video has been out for a bit and I’ve had a chance to digest it all including reading everyone’s theory’s and so on and so forth. I had gone back and forth deciding on whether or not I should put forth my thoughts or not. But I decided to give it a go …

So first off to me what I define as “Art”. Is something that can evoke or elicit an emotion from within you. Whether it’s good or bad. That’s something this video definitely did. It was shot beautiful and has a wonderful cinematic quality to it. With the storyline carefully played out so the viewer could make it’s own mind up on certain things. All of this done within a five minute mark. Now to my opinion on the storyline itself. Well I don’t think either characters are dead. In fact it wasn’t something I consider until I started reading other people thoughts, theory’s and summations online. I never once considered that. But once again that goes back to the how great the storyline was written where it left much of it up for your interpretation. As for the relationship of the couple. I tended to lean towards a friendship that could be more or turn into something more. But from within the scope of the video did it truly matter? They obviously cared deeply for each other. So that’s what really mattered. I also loved the hints and nods to the Bastille videos of the past like Bad Blood. To me the video overall expressed the viewpoint of enjoying your friendships and relationships,etc that you have now because time flies and they could be gone forever. It was told in a beautifully cinematic way of a summer road trip between two friends whilst interpolating those great Bastille quirks we have come to know and love. I say bravo to another great Bastille video. And maybe just maybe, one filled with hope and yes of course Glory so much Glory. 

Much love always! 🙂 xx

– Brittney W. aka The Reclusive Blogger 

P.S. Here’s the video below …



Black & White pics from my trip to NYC back in March … 

My Latest Talenthouse Creative Entry …

Here is the latest Talenthouse Creative Invite I have participated in. It’s a for a band by the name of “End Of The World”. As you can see the song is all about love and just trying to get any amount of time you have with a new love, especially in today’s hectic world. The band loves lots of color and bright neon colors including light play. So I tried to incorporate those elements,my aesthetic and own thoughts on love and this song plus band. Please check out,leave comments and critiques as I always want to be a better artist. But most importantly I need some votes. So vote and share as much as you can. Thank you and I hope you like! 🙂

Much love always! 🙂

The Reclusive Blogger xx 

Talenthouse Profile:

Links to vote: I Want a Love Like the Cosmos

The (Neon) Signs Are Right There …

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