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Daisy Draper is an Los Angeles based Pop singer and songwriter melding themes of vulnerability, spirituality, and wellness into fresh sounds of kinetic synth pop. Draper also spent six years in the military as a member of the United States Army. Then she was subsequently diagnosed with a severe and debilitating autoimmune illness. She found comfort in music, writing songs and working on her artistry, learning to cope with her diagnosis. I interviewed Daisy on her new single “Let Go”, her influence on the genre of ‘Spiritual Pop’, and what it was like to go from military to Pop music.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Hi, Daisy! Thanks for taking the time out to speak with me at The Reclusive Blogger. So how has life been these past two or so years?

DAISY DRAPER: Thank you for having me on here! The past two years have been pretty crazy, as we know with everything happening in the world. I moved to LA late 2019, started a new life and released my first single as a solo artist in August this year! The past two years have been challenging in many ways, but I’m really thankful for the way things have worked out.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Can you speak a bit on your musical background? Has music always played role in your life?

DAISY DRAPER: Music has always been a part of my life! I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, and have played guitar since I was about eight years old! Previous to my solo project, I was in a pop duo band called Oceanlux. This really helped develop my confidence as a songwriter and allowed me to gain the experience necessary to become a solo artist!

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: How has your six years of being in the army influenced your current creative career?

DAISY DRAPER: Honestly, the Army did not really impact my creative career! Maybe in ways of discipline, because being in the service definitely helped me develop an incredible work ethic. Creative opportunities were something I had to work towards and seek myself separate from the organization.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Can we talk a bit about your new song “Let Go” and how the writing and creative process was for it?

DAISY DRAPER: I actually wrote “Let Go,” back in 2019 when first moving to Los Angeles. It was right after a pretty devastating breakup when I began learning about the concept of shadow work and inner child healing. I wrote this song on my guitar while I was couch hopping and still trying to figure out my life. It wasn’t until late 2020 that I produced the song with my best friend and wonderful producer Austin Danson!

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: What does spiritual wellness mean to you? How do you typically incorporate it into your daily life?

DAISY DRAPER: I believe that spirituality and wellness go hand in hand! When you look at health from a holistic perspective, the mind, body and spirit are interconnected. No matter what you believe in, the energetic and emotional side of our consciousness directly affects the physical health of our bodies. With that being said, I implement many practices into my daily life! The modalities I love to incorporate include herbalism, plant medicine, meditation, hypnotherapy, inner child work, non-linear movement, prayer as well as eating an all organic diet (balanced with lots of chocolate of course).

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Throwing in a few fun ones here… What’s your favorite 80s jam?

DAISY DRAPER: ‘Gypsy’ by Fleetwood Mac. Hands down

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: If you got the chance to write a song based off your favorite piece of pop culture? What would you choose and why?

DAISY DRAPER: Manifestation seems to be pretty popular in today’s pop culture. There are many tik tok creators and influencers discussing this topic that teach esoteric concepts of spirituality / manifestation. I’ve already incorporated a bit of this into my music, but I’d love to write more songs that help people with their manifestation practice. I think affirmation based music could be incredibly helpful for one’s mental health and overall wellness.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: And lastly, what is your pick for the song and album of the year for 2021?

DAISY DRAPER: The album for 2021 would have to be “If I Can’t Have Love I Want Power,” by Halsey and the song, “I am not a woman, I’m a God.”

Stream “Let Go” by Daisy Draper out now



It’s time for New Music Friday! Here are the best songs of the week ending on September 24th…

We’re back with another edition of ‘New Music Friday’ highlighting the best tunes of the week. Starting off the latest and greatest in are Electro-Rock legends Duran Duran and their Giorgio Moroder produced single, “Tonight United”. A track off the band’s forthcoming fifteenth studio album. Nina Nesbitt drops her second song of the year so far the track “Life’s A Bitch”. Be sure to watch her comedic horror themed music video. Singer-Songwriter Matteo Bocelli unveils his debut track under Capitol Records titled “Solo”. If the name sounds familiar it does, his father is opera legend Andrea Bocelli. Zoe Wees teams up with 6LACK for “That’s How It Goes”, a dystopian R&B track about the contrasting light and dark energies in life. We also have some smooth and sultry R&B from Motown Records Asiahn with the track “Fall Back”. The track implores the push and pull between two not yet official lovers.

In the Indie world The National Parks release “UFO” a folk influenced Indie Pop love ode. We also genre defying emerging rapper PAYDAY and her new mixtape, ‘Rap In a Can’. An EP highlight is the track “Vampire” with enigmatic rapper Danny Brown. Dirty Hit’s BLACKSTARKIDS release a third single ahead of their debut record, ‘Puppies Forever’ out in October. “ACAB” is the trios defiant anthem against police brutality and abuse of power. Singer-Songwriter Juliana Riccardi unveiled her second single “Hold For Your Woman”. Riccardi tackles power dynamics within relationships this emotional call to action.

Some other music moments of note were Bastille’s return to Virgin Radio UK. There the band delivered an incredible mashup crafted by touring member Charlie Barnes. They also changed some of their most popular hits like “Happier” & “Pompeii” to the ultimate 80s bops. You can watch their mashup here. British Soul Pop singer Rag ‘n’ Bone Man dropped the stunning animated lyric video for his powerful track “Crossfire”. Which you can check that out by clicking here. And last but not least, Lil Nas X dropped by BBC Radio 1 for a live lounge which included his special take on “Jolene”.

Be sure to listen to all of the tracks mentioned in this article on an Apple Music playlist I made here or below.