Hopeless Records Emarosa’ just released their highly anticipated album ‘Peach Club’ and to celebrate they held a record release show at The Hi Hat LA in Los Angeles on February 9th, 2019. For the originally post-hardcore band, ‘Peach Club’ is a huge leap into a new sound but a welcomed departure. For fans it is a way to hear their favorite band spread their wings, and Emarosa’ fans were very present at The Hi Hat LA this past Saturday showing their support for them at this sold out gig.

The three openers Alke, Modern Maps, and UFO UFO all brought something exciting to the table of varying degrees. Alke is a female singer-songwriter whose heartfelt lyrics and melodic vocals filled the venue, Modern Maps brought the party and had lots of fun energetic electro tracks that the crowd loved. UFO UFO kept up that same vibe with their stylistic indie rock leanings. All in all the openers brought a bit of everything for everyone.

The fans were there early for Emarosa (and in the cold or at the very least what is considered cold for California), many of them in Emarosa merch particularly ‘Peach Club‘ merch as Emarosa also held a ‘Peach ClubPop Up to celebrate the official release. I could tell from the atmosphere in the line already that these fans were devoted. In speaking with a fan who was wearing a jacket similar to lead singer Bradley Walden, she told me I was going to love the show as it was very high energy. She was right. The band tore through a relatively fast paced and fierce set that had the crowd going from start to finish. There wasn’t a member of the band that was low on energy. The entire audience was singing along word for word with front man Bradley Walden. This was a crowd despite how late it was that came here to party and to rock out. So for someone who was not familiar with Emarosa walking in, the energetic show they put on complete with band member acrobatics, lots of crowd interaction, and the fans being so happy to see their favorite band was so contagious. I not only left the show with a smile on my face, but I also left with total appreciation for a band and it’s fan base who are first and foremost all about the music.

Check out my photo gallery of all of the artists from the show below!

Emarosa Socials:

Twitter: @emarosa

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Stream ‘Peach Club‘: https://songwhip.com/album/emarosa/peach-club

Official Website: http://www.emarosa.us

Modern Maps Socials:

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The Japanese House

In preparation for her new album, female singer and artist The Japanese House has yet again released an elegantly done single matching her inviting yet calm sound. The reverb on her voice has such a interesting echo to it, one that is so unique to her. In this song, I personally love the production. She has included so many interesting background instrumentals that really tie the whole song together giving it a completely full sound. The more you focus onto this song the more you hear the musicianship is so well done by her. The way she includes these captivating background sounds throughout the song allow her to grasp your attention and force you to focus to every aspect of the song.

Conan Gray

Conan Gray once again showed his stunning talent and skills with this song. Conan has such a way of creating a clear sound to his vocal, one that is strong but does not overpower the instrumental taking over the whole song. One thing I have noticed from each song, his sound is just so appealing and clear that it resonates with you even after the song is finished and this song is no different in that sense. Everything from his pleasing vocals to the interesting, calming instrumental is superb.

Away We Go
Bad Suns

The instrumental of this song is something that captured my attention right off the bat. The upbeat feeling to the song makes the sound something that is a total feel good vibe. The way the song has a mixture of an acoustic guitar along with these cheerful electric guitar riffs playing through sections of the song makes this song a total feel-good upbeat tune. Another noted aspect of this song is the interesting echo reverb set on the singer’s voice. The vocals is something that always captures my attention throughout the song and the consistent echo-y effect in this song makes the song have an extremely unique and intriguing sound.

Family Tree
The instrumental section of this song has a total new-age r&b feel but the way Ezi comes in with these old blues-rock type of soul vocals that we would hear from singers such as Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse, it really makes the song different from what we normally hear. There are many aspects of this song which really catch the attention of all listeners but I think the major note to be made here is Ezi’s vocals which held my attention throughout the whole song as her voice really shines through production-wise.  

Givin’ Up

I love when bands are able to change their style slightly but still kill it with their music and this song has done exactly that for Emarosa. The band used to be this post-hardcore style but this song has changed what they will be known for completely making and indie/alternative sound for themselves. I know this may veer many fans away from the band but I believe this is one of the best indie songs out there currently. The guitar is easy yet catchy. The drumming is consistent and the beat is upbeat enough to make you want to dance around. I love how they included a small horn solo towards the middle of the song as this aspect is something you never quite hear and really emphasizing it was an interesting touch to include. I do believe the instrumental is a tad overpowering on the vocals but there are many other aspects of this song which I think block of that tiny impurity.

– Sabrina A.