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On the eve of Detriot native Kristen Merritt’s latest single release, I sat down to chat with the now Brooklyn based artist to chat about her story thus far. We promptly delve into many of Kristen’s passions which include music-making, and her upcoming debut album “Joi”. I also immediately grasp why she named her own debut album that. Her latest single “I Don’t Think About You” is full of jazzy melodies and soulful pickups. It follows in line with previously released tracks like “I’m Done”. Where Merritt seemingly has envisioned her own sound, and style. It’s a reimagine of sorts of that epic 90s R&B & Neo-Soul sound, with a refreshingly honest millennial meets gen z twist. Yes, you can hear the markings of 90s soul songbirds like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott or Lauryn Hill all over but it’s all her. This is clearly a new generation of jazzy soul and a Kristen Merritt sound. Yet, early on in our chat I find out that however prevalent music is in Merritt’s life now. Intriguingly enough, this wasn’t always the case, In high she performed for the first time. It was a successful live accapella performance. Kristen also did a stint in a friend’s band and learned to play guitar at 21. Kristen’s catalyst for pursuing music didn’t come until later. Although she had some new found skills and confidence with music in her back pocket. Merritt went to college and wound up with a Geology major and degree. It was only around that time she began to take an even broader leap into the unknown towards music. Where she learned how to mix, master, and engineer music included her own. Merritt says being exposed to other musicians and types of music, including doing a stint in a friend’s band helped her grow. They also allowed her to fully appreciate music, and the art, the process, of it from within. All this lead her to fully taking the reins on her forthcoming album ‘Joi’. The album due out on September 14 entices the listener with soothing, soulful, and jazz-influenced neo-soul sounds. The first few tastes deliver lyrically and emotionally and are carefully crafted. It’s all about the storytelling for Merritt and making sure she gets the right point across through it. Her latest “I Don’t Think About You” uses the five stages of grief to delve into feelings of love and loss and accompanied with a Marissa Yates directed music video.

I wanted “IDTAY” to be a song exploring coming to terms with romantic feelings I thought I had gotten over. And honestly, when I was writing it, the intention was just to let thoughts flow free form, but in reading it back I discovered I still had these feelings. The song explores coming to accept those feelings – which in my experience has been the only true way to move past them.

Kristen Merritt

As a fellow creative it’s always refreshing and exciting chatting with an artist excited about the next chapters in their life and career. When our chat came to an end I realised that the same *joy* I mentioned prior about Kristen, she exhibited effusively discussing any of her passions. Whether it was talking about her fave Korean BBQ joints (Samwon Garden BBQ), or the show that got her through quarantine (it was The Good Place), or even discussing something like nostalgia. We both understood and have struggled with that feeling. A feeling that would hit when the sun hits at a certain time of day that comes on strong. But like many things in life, it’s truly what you make of it. Yopu can stream the new single “I Don’t Think About You” by Kristen Merritt here or by listening below!





Welcome to edition 8 the first one of this year.

Here’s some of my favorite tracks from the past few weeks or so that I think everyone should give a listen to. As per usual I hit on a wide variety of genres and I hope you wind up adding at least one or two tracks to your listening rotation. So it’s been a while let’s dive in…

Oscar Lang // ‘Are You Happy?’

The London based artist Oscar Lang is definitely making a name for himself. Lang has his debut album coming out in July off Dirty Hit and his brand of lo-fi Alt-pop tunes have not only gathered him praise, but numerous fans. ‘Are You Happy?’ is the second release from his Dirty Hit debut, ‘Chew The Scenery’ out July 16. A song that’s as full of punk rock flourishes, as it is filled with eclectic dynamics, and indie rock guitar licks. The songs’ attached visuals are utter head trip filled bright psychedelic imagery. To see for yourself view visualizer for ‘Are You Happy?’ below. You can pre-order his debut here.

AFI // ‘Dulceria’

Since their 1991 formation, AFI have undergone many eras over the subsequent years. Now in 2021, AFI has rebirth themselves once more as they prep for the release of their June record “Bodies”. AFI have been dropping various tracks since January. Starting with the dark torrent of emotion from ‘Twisted Tongues’ & the melodic mysterious dream in ‘Escape From L.A.’. In April we got ‘Looking Tragic’ and my uber fave ‘Dulceria’ both revel in hints to our dark times during quarantine and escapism. ‘Dulceria’ though, with its dark and brooding bass line is intoxicating in only a way AFI can yield. All at once feeling very much like AFI and nothing like I’ve heard from them. You can stream my favorite, ‘Dulceria’ here and check out the music video below. As a long time fan, it’s always great to see one of my faves evolve and tackle new themes. You can pre-order ‘Bodieshere.

Grace Aimi // ‘Rainbow’

Gen Z pop newcomer Grace Aimi started out by posting covers on the YouTube with her Brother. Flash forward with a few singles under her belt and her debut EP, ‘PICNIC’ out Friday. Her latest song off the EP, ‘Rainbow’ delivers on a vulnerability far beyond her twenty years. Grace details the struggles and pain of trying to understand and help a loved one who’s emotionally unavailable. She captures the emotion perfectly and the song musically is so infectious.

Olivia Rodrigo // ‘good 4 u’

Where does one super talented eighteen year old go after getting her ‘Drivers License’ and experiencing ‘Deja Vu’? Write the Summer break up anthem we never knew we needed. That’s it. Rodrigo offers up her new latest single, ‘good 4 u’. The third in a trilogy in what seems to about an ex. It’s three parts a clever pop-punk takedown of said ex and one part Olivia’s guide to getting over said ex. The music video inspired by female horror films like Jennifer’s Body. Each track from her forthcoming debut album ‘Sour’ has given us also the third cut with her giving us a drastically sound and vibe with each track release. You can pre-order ‘Sourhere.

Aibai // ‘Aura’

Aibai is a twenty-three-year-old Queer producer based in Minneapolis. Her latest release is a pair of lush electronic singles, ‘Aura’ and ‘All Night’. Each single details love in the LGTBQ space with ‘Aura’ representing a crush, and ‘All Night’ a breakup. ‘Aura’ is the standout, featuring vocals from Colby Hansen. It is sonically gorgeous and dreamy ambient pop number delivering major meet cute vibes lyrically.

MARINA // ‘Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land’

Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land’ is the third bewitching taste from Marina’s new era and upcoming June album of the same name. An immediate bop the single gives us more mystical witchy goodness dressed up in pop goddess glam. Lyrically though, as with any Marina track, you must look beyond the surface. She stays dropping heavy af truth bombs as we all dance along.

Harry Hudson (featuring Jaden Smith) // ‘Just Slide’

The ever evolving artist Harry Hudson has a new single out and just in time for Summer. ‘Just Slide’ finds the singer teaming up with friend Jaden Smith on this easy breezy melodic R&B tinged Pop bop. Lyrically, ‘Just Slide’ talks of a tug of war within a relationship. The music video is super chill, and features both Harry and Jaden in hills over looking Los Angeles, which you can view below.

You can also learn more about Harry Hudson’s work as an activist in an interview with Justin Bieber here.

Kate Nash // Misery

The British Indie Pop queen of ‘Misery’ drops her first release in over a year. ‘Misery’ is offbeat, eclectic, and delightfully creative and catchy. It is also peak Nash as she reflects on her difficult time and depression she had during quarantine in the past year or so. To learn more about Kate’s “Safely out of the Bedroom” tour go here or her Patreon click here.

NO1KNOWS + KVNE // ‘Time Of Death’

In a time where unique collaborations are thriving. This fast paced melodic EDM jam bring together the best of two different worlds for new song ‘Time Of Death’. Super catchy from the start. Both come from different music worlds,with NO1KNOWS background being in dance/DJ, while KVNE’s is in Pop/R&B. Together they created festival ready track.

Here is the new playlist for this series on Spotify and now Apple Music.

Thanks for checking out edition 8 be on the lookout 👀 for edition 9!

Until then,

Brittney x