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Last night was iHeartRadio’s inaugural Jingle Ball concert. Held at the Forum for lucky ticket holders or on the Livestream which is where I watched. Thanks to the CW. Any way you enjoyed it, It was a great fun way to kick off December and the Christmas Holidays.

One of my favorite artists, Ed Sheeran opened up the show with just him, a guitar and his trusty loop pedals to get the crowd warmed up. Ed played “Castle on a Hill”, “Thinking Out Loud”, “Perfect” and ending of course with his mega-hit “Shape of You”. Decent set. We next segue into Halsey rocking a new look with 90s hip-hop inspired cornrows. She started out with “Now or Never”, went into “Colors”, brought out Lauren Jaugueri from Fifth Harmony for “Strangers”. Ending on her big hit this year “Bad At Love”. Halsey’s set highlighted the vibey pop-RnB that’s insanely popular now. It was fun.

Another highlight for me was Niall Horan who’s folksy guitar jams are a refreshing change. The fact that that’s getting play on Pop radio and that young people are enjoying it is definitely a thumb up in my book. Niall performed “This Town”, “Too Much To Ask”, “Seeing Blind” (without Maren Morris) and ended on his #1 Pop radio hit “Slow Hands”. Great set!

The next acts although great were middle of the road for me. Charlie Puth (great songs though), Kesha, Demi Lovato (who brought out Cheatcodes for a song), Liam Payne, The Chainsmokers, and Logic.

The two performances that stood out the most for me were the biggest highlights. Sam Smith and Taylor Swift. Sam to me always brings the vocal class to any show. Sam’s songs albeit very sad are just magical. Sam opened with “I’m Not The Only One” went into “Like I Can”, “Pray”, his mega-hit “Stay With Me” ending with “his first single from his new release “Too Good At Goodbyes” which it seemed like the entire audience knew the words to. I thoroughly enjoyed Sam’s set. I might’ve fangirl’ed a bit much. Now to Taylor. She is a pop star. She performed her new stuff here for the first time too! Much of it fun and glossy Pop jams with some RnB vibes thrown in for good measure. Taylor started her set with “…Ready For It?”. Which she and her backup dancer-singers pumped up the performance with some added choreo which was great. Next Taylor performed two tracks from 1989 “Blank Space” and “Shake It Off”. Before going into her hit with ZAYN “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” on acoustic guitar. She then preceded to sing two new songs… On “End Game” which is one of my faves from “Reputation” Taylor brought out Ed and closed the show with “Look What You Made Me Do” which has significantly grown on me as I now seem to know all of the words. Hmm ….

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DATE: JUNE 29TH, 2017

Hello, from ‘The Reclusive Blogger’ again! This evening I had the absolute pleasure of seeing one of my favorite new artists and honestly just one of my favorite artists in general Mondo Cozmo. The Musician in question is the current artistic moniker of Joshua Ostrander who started out with the band Eastern Conference Champions some years ago. But with his current iteration and great band lineup (or his dudes as Josh often puts it), Mondo Cozmo is coming onto the rock and pop scene forcefully with fun and uber catchy string of songs. Most notably the radio friendly single “Shine”.

My Mondo Cozmo origin story first began when I saw them live back in March of this year (nearly 3 months to the day to be exact). They opened up for another favorite band of mine (yes I do have a lot of favorite bands) Bastille in Brooklyn at the Barclays Arena. This show is where I truly became a fan. As I remember I was not only excited to see headliner but the opener for that gig which can be a rarity nowadays. Mondo Cozmo’s live show in Brooklyn was just that type raw rock music that I was missing in my life and on my Spotify.

Flash forward to a couple of days ago when Alt 98.7fm emailed me saying I had won passes to see them at a Close to Home concert and on a rooftop no less. I was beyond stoked. I hadn’t seen the band in a while but I was keeping up with their progression online via social media. And I heard these gigs we’re super intimate and chill.

As I stated previously the Close to Home concert was held on a rooftop in Hollywood which had beautiful views of the city in the evening. Mondo Cozmo came on 7:00 sharp. I stayed as close to stage as possible wanting to soak it all in, but it was loud (good loud though). The band starting out with “Chemical Dream” which has a lot of cool pedals effects and space vibes going on. With the refrain “We Are All Systems Go”. The band next tore through tracks like “Automatic” which has a great underlying dance groove to it from the bass line. “Higher” which is another one that has a big Electronica vibe but still rocks hard. Big crowd favorites were the latest single “Plastic Soul” which has Soul-Rock vibe and is about time-travel the title playing major homage to David Bowie. They ended the night with “Shine” an epic sing-along anthem that’s been getting major radio play. To me, I felt
I got to see a band (one of my favorites no less) in the coolest setting right before they blow up and I’m telling you they will blow up. They have improved on their sound and stage presence just from when I last saw them. Sounding incredible and forming a unique yet honest and raw rock sound. That I think many will come to love. So I suggest you check out Mondo Cozmo immediately (after reading this article of course) I attached all the important links and photos from the event below and as always thank you for reading. 🙂 x

– The Reclusive Blogger 🙂 x

Set list (not in order & hopefully correct):
Chemical Dream
Hold On to Me
Plastic Soul
Sixes and Seven
Bittersweet Symphony

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Official Website:
Automatic Video: