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Hey guys, welcome to The Reclusive Blogger’s Top 50 Songs of 2021. This is the first of two year-end music roundups and recaps.

Here I’ll highlight my top 50 songs of 2021 and break down my 10 and why. These are my favorite tracks that had the biggest impression on me this year. Even with all the ups and downs, it has been quite the mega year for music. It’s always great to look back shine a light on those songs again. To make it easier for you guys to listen to every song, I’ve included a Spotify playlist. I unveil my top 50 songs of 2021 all below…


top 50 songs of 2021

Why it’s #1 Distorted Light Beam’ was the surprising first taste from the band’s upcoming fourth album. DLB showcases a band hungry for reinvention and striving to always be the very best version of themselves. Co-written and produced with Ryan Tedder and Maty Maro. It’s the bands’ most pop forward and commanding song to date. Seeing Bastille push themselves & explore more pop sounds, dynamic lyricism, and production more than ever into their “Bastille” soundscape is refreshing. That’s why ‘Distorted Light Beam’ is number one. That and the fact it’s so darn catchy.

2. LIL NAS XMontero (Call Me By Your By Name)

Why it’s #2 Boundary pusher and new King Of Pop, Lil Nas X has had one incredible year. One of those things included the debut of my next pick Montero. The music video alone is a work of art. But the fact that a Queer man of color is ruling the pop and rap scene cannot be denied. Not only is Montero also catchy as hell but it’s pushing the boundaries, from the visual imagery he paints lyrically, to the references, truly everything. We have a new King Of Pop and his name is Montero.


Why it’s #3-Bunny Is a Rider‘ has Caroline completely leaving her ‘Pang‘ sound behind and I love it. From the start of the whistle, I was hooked. It’s weird, and it feels like you stepped into some unknown territory, unsure of where you are headed. The sparse yet slick production is a new sound for Caroline as is the syncopated at times almost staccato rhythms her vocals take on. It isn’t until this crazy joyride is over you realize you want more.


Why it’s #4-Hush‘ (and Cinema) was one of the more arresting pieces of music this year. The single was an addicting blend of futuristic pop, a sleek and heady bass line, and edgy alternative guitars. What truly carries makes this song is the vocal interplay between the duo of María Zardoya, and Josh Conway.

5. JOJOCreature Of Habit

Why it’s #5- JoJo let’s go on this beautifully vulnerable track about staying in a co-dependent relationship just because it feels familiar but not happy. Her powerhouse vocals shine throughout. As well as her unmatched ability to emote fluctuating emotions that often come with heartbreak, romance, love, relationships, is why this is #5 and she’s consistently my go-to.


Why it’s #6- Not only does the production on this incredible track go hard, but it’s hard to place genre-wise. The Somerset duo take inspiration from bands Massive Attack or the Gorillaz. They cleverly elevate mixing so many genres and create this all-out creeper of a jam. It slinks along until it finally worms its way into your ear, and unlike anything I’ve heard of late. Even their stop motion meets claymation music video is full of horror and creep.

7. HALSEYI’m Am Not a Woman, I’m a God

Why it’s #7- Halsey comes full circle as an artist on this exceptionally powerful track. It’s an absolute banger of a song going full throttle from the start of its two minutes and fifty-six seconds. Underneath the darkened pulsating synths and thrashing guitars. It’s Halsey owning her power and being a badass full stop. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are producers. Their signature DIY style complements a wrought and difficult tale. Halsey’s lyrics on this song and throughout the album tackle difficult themes. She described it as a treatise on childbirth, misogyny, the patriarchy, love, feminism, and even death.

8. BTSButter

Why it’s #8- This is not only one of the biggest songs of the year but it is from the biggest band & arguably the biggest artist. BTS has slowly taken over the world and not only captured our hearts but our eyes and ears. ‘Butter’ has an undeniable groove that mixes the best of K-POP and American Pop/R&B rhythms. To put it quite simply it’s an earworm, with easy to sing lyrics. The cherry on the top is the bright, and super colorful dance-heavy music video.


Why it’s #9- It Girl Olivia kicked it up several notches displaying a fierce side of herself on this Pop Punk number. Borrowing a thing or two from the badass rock and pop girls of the aughts. It’s fittingly the breakup anthem of this year. Rodrigo had us all spinning over this artful and thrilling takedown of an ex who moves on way too quickly.

10. MARINAPurge The Poison

top 50 songs of 2021

Why it’s #10- A gifted songwriter whose ability to quickly tap into emotions is something of a gift. Marina uses that talent to hone in on critics, climate control, and even misogyny. It’s a well-crafted takedown of conspiracies, egos, and how we’re destroying the planet. All set to brash fuzzy guitars, blistering synths, and a raging bass line. Marina ponders the human condition, friendships, witches, and living in Hollywood. It might seem like a lot but Marina ties it all together brilliantly. Her signature husky timbre hit hard almost staccato-like in her delivery.

And the rest of the best top 50 songs of 2021!

11. ARLO PARKS // Portra 400

12. AFI // Dulcería


14. ADELE // Easy On Me

15. DOJA CAT & SZA // Kiss Me More

16. RAUW ALEJANDRO // Todo De Ti

17. FRED AGAIN // Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing)


19. GLASS ANIMALS // I Don’t Wanna Talk (I Just Wanna Dance)

20. THE WEEKND // Take My Breath

21. NORMANI (FEAT. CARDI B) // Wild Side

22. MITSKI // Working for the Knife

23. J BALVIN & SECH // Una Nota

24. WILLOW (FEAT. TRAVIS BARKER) // t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l

25. TWICE // The Feels

26. MANESKIN // I Wanna Be Your Slave

27. GIRL IN RED // Serotonin

28. SAWEETIE (FEAT. DOJA CAT) // Best Friend

29. SIGRID // Mirror


31. STROMAE // Santé


33. ASHNIKKO (FEAT. KELIS) // Deal With It

34. PLACEBO // Beautiful James

35. SELF ESTEEM // Prioritise Pleasure

36. JOYWAVE // Pray For The Robot

37. AU/RA // Bite Marks


39. YEBBA // October Sky

40. DAVE & STORMZY // Clash

41. SNAIL MAIL // Ben Franklin

42. CHLOË // Have Mercy

43. LORDE // Solar Power

44. CL // Spicy

45. MUNA (FEAT. PHOEBE BRIDGERS) // Silk Chiffon

46. MARIE NAFFAH // Wasteland

47. WOLF ALICE // The Last Man On Earth


49. BO BURNHAM // All Eyes On Me


I truly look forward to doing this every year and reminiscing over what a fantastic year it was in music. I would like to end my list by thanking everyone for supporting me and TRB and for reading and listening. Please be sure to check out my new podcast and subscribe by clicking here.

You can stream my Top 50 Songs of 2021 playlist on Spotify here.

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Daisy Draper is an Los Angeles based Pop singer and songwriter melding themes of vulnerability, spirituality, and wellness into fresh sounds of kinetic synth pop. Draper also spent six years in the military as a member of the United States Army. Then she was subsequently diagnosed with a severe and debilitating autoimmune illness. She found comfort in music, writing songs and working on her artistry, learning to cope with her diagnosis. I interviewed Daisy on her new single “Let Go”, her influence on the genre of ‘Spiritual Pop’, and what it was like to go from military to Pop music.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Hi, Daisy! Thanks for taking the time out to speak with me at The Reclusive Blogger. So how has life been these past two or so years?

DAISY DRAPER: Thank you for having me on here! The past two years have been pretty crazy, as we know with everything happening in the world. I moved to LA late 2019, started a new life and released my first single as a solo artist in August this year! The past two years have been challenging in many ways, but I’m really thankful for the way things have worked out.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Can you speak a bit on your musical background? Has music always played role in your life?

DAISY DRAPER: Music has always been a part of my life! I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, and have played guitar since I was about eight years old! Previous to my solo project, I was in a pop duo band called Oceanlux. This really helped develop my confidence as a songwriter and allowed me to gain the experience necessary to become a solo artist!

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: How has your six years of being in the army influenced your current creative career?

DAISY DRAPER: Honestly, the Army did not really impact my creative career! Maybe in ways of discipline, because being in the service definitely helped me develop an incredible work ethic. Creative opportunities were something I had to work towards and seek myself separate from the organization.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Can we talk a bit about your new song “Let Go” and how the writing and creative process was for it?

DAISY DRAPER: I actually wrote “Let Go,” back in 2019 when first moving to Los Angeles. It was right after a pretty devastating breakup when I began learning about the concept of shadow work and inner child healing. I wrote this song on my guitar while I was couch hopping and still trying to figure out my life. It wasn’t until late 2020 that I produced the song with my best friend and wonderful producer Austin Danson!

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: What does spiritual wellness mean to you? How do you typically incorporate it into your daily life?

DAISY DRAPER: I believe that spirituality and wellness go hand in hand! When you look at health from a holistic perspective, the mind, body and spirit are interconnected. No matter what you believe in, the energetic and emotional side of our consciousness directly affects the physical health of our bodies. With that being said, I implement many practices into my daily life! The modalities I love to incorporate include herbalism, plant medicine, meditation, hypnotherapy, inner child work, non-linear movement, prayer as well as eating an all organic diet (balanced with lots of chocolate of course).

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: Throwing in a few fun ones here… What’s your favorite 80s jam?

DAISY DRAPER: ‘Gypsy’ by Fleetwood Mac. Hands down

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: If you got the chance to write a song based off your favorite piece of pop culture? What would you choose and why?

DAISY DRAPER: Manifestation seems to be pretty popular in today’s pop culture. There are many tik tok creators and influencers discussing this topic that teach esoteric concepts of spirituality / manifestation. I’ve already incorporated a bit of this into my music, but I’d love to write more songs that help people with their manifestation practice. I think affirmation based music could be incredibly helpful for one’s mental health and overall wellness.

THE RECLUSIVE BLOGGER: And lastly, what is your pick for the song and album of the year for 2021?

DAISY DRAPER: The album for 2021 would have to be “If I Can’t Have Love I Want Power,” by Halsey and the song, “I am not a woman, I’m a God.”

Stream “Let Go” by Daisy Draper out now