Be My Mistake
The 1975

What I think might be the sweetest song off the new alum from the indie-pop band’s long awaited third studio album. The soft acoustic guitar with the melancholy strumming pattern reminds me personally of songs Matty has done in the past such as 102 and She Lays Down. The guitar is so beautifully done, listeners can get absorbed immediately by the calming sound of the guitar. Matty’s voice comes in with an exclusive sound which can give you a feeling as though you’re sitting right next to the band as they record this piece. There is this everlasting personal piece to this song that makes you feel like you’re seeing it live or with the band sitting right there. I truly hope that when the band comes around for touring, they will consider throwing this song onto their setlist as it already sounds elegant from recordings and I would love to see their take on the song live.

Arctic Monkeys

Alex Turner’s eccentric production from Tranquility Base flows through to this song which acts like a B-side to the title track Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. This song has so much going on it and is so packed with production that can knock anyone’s socks off with one listen. Right off the bat, the contrast of Alex’s voice with the guitar is so flawlessly done, it’s mesmerizing to me how Alex can manage to make every song flow with one theme and stick with that theme even beyond album tracks. But it’s not only the flow of this song that catches my attention. The production is so clear on Alex’s voice, there isn’t a single thing off on the way he sings his words. If you have ever seen the band live, you know of Alex’s peculiar yet enthralling act which he delivers every concert, this song matches Alex’s attitude with lyrics fitting his personality almost seamlessly. Alex has yet again delivered a song so out there yet so musically advanced, something that is true for any Arctic Monkeys song. You can never fall off this band as every song has you entranced by something new. Alex has taken us by surprise with this release and yet again delivered superior quality in his work.

Faking It
Sasha Sloan
Sasha’s production takes me by surprise every time I hear one of her songs. For an indie artist with little songs on platforms, you would never imagine such an astounding piece of music coming from her name, but this song proves everyone doubting her wrong. Right off the bat, Sasha has a unique and noticeable sound, she has an interesting reverb to her voice, but it is clear, and her production is top of the line matching ones of The 1975 or Arctic Monkeys. This song is catchy,something I can hear many people, whether fans or not, falling in love with. This will be a song that gets played almost everywhere. She has added the exact touches into this song to make her really explode on the music platform.

Chase Atlantic
Keeping consistent to their usual sound, Chase Atlantic released this song that is catchy yet interesting. There are so many aspects to this song that are very popular in music overall but the way that the band has been able to interlock in some unique drum tracks here and there along with melodies that are quite unusual to hear is exclusive to their sound and follows their aesthetic. This song is no different and includes some of the best vocal arrangements from the band I have heard yet.

whatare you so afraid of

Following alongside The 1975’s song, this song is an acoustic piece off of the rappers newest album SKINS. I personally love the take on this song as the singing is slurred, a common melody-line for xxtentacion, but has this beautiful strummed out guitar in the background which sticks with the whole song and is the only instrument played. The whole song in total has such a beautiful feel to it. It’s one of those songs that I can see true fans of the artist really falling in love with as they can pick apart all of the musicianship that x has put into this piece of art.

-Sabrina A. 


Follow My Girl
The Japanese House

In preparation for her new album, female singer and artist The Japanese House has yet again released an elegantly done single matching her inviting yet calm sound. The reverb on her voice has such a interesting echo to it, one that is so unique to her. In this song, I personally love the production. She has included so many interesting background instrumentals that really tie the whole song together giving it a completely full sound. The more you focus onto this song the more you hear the musicianship is so well done by her. The way she includes these captivating background sounds throughout the song allow her to grasp your attention and force you to focus to every aspect of the song.

Conan Gray

Conan Gray once again showed his stunning talent and skills with this song. Conan has such a way of creating a clear sound to his vocal, one that is strong but does not overpower the instrumental taking over the whole song. One thing I have noticed from each song, his sound is just so appealing and clear that it resonates with you even after the song is finished and this song is no different in that sense. Everything from his pleasing vocals to the interesting, calming instrumental is superb.

Away We Go
Bad Suns

The instrumental of this song is something that captured my attention right off the bat. The upbeat feeling to the song makes the sound something that is a total feel good vibe. The way the song has a mixture of an acoustic guitar along with these cheerful electric guitar riffs playing through sections of the song makes this song a total feel-good upbeat tune. Another noted aspect of this song is the interesting echo reverb set on the singer’s voice. The vocals is something that always captures my attention throughout the song and the consistent echo-y effect in this song makes the song have an extremely unique and intriguing sound.

Family Tree
The instrumental section of this song has a total new-age r&b feel but the way Ezi comes in with these old blues-rock type of soul vocals that we would hear from singers such as Aretha Franklin and Amy Winehouse, it really makes the song different from what we normally hear. There are many aspects of this song which really catch the attention of all listeners but I think the major note to be made here is Ezi’s vocals which held my attention throughout the whole song as her voice really shines through production-wise.  

Givin’ Up

I love when bands are able to change their style slightly but still kill it with their music and this song has done exactly that for Emarosa. The band used to be this post-hardcore style but this song has changed what they will be known for completely making and indie/alternative sound for themselves. I know this may veer many fans away from the band but I believe this is one of the best indie songs out there currently. The guitar is easy yet catchy. The drumming is consistent and the beat is upbeat enough to make you want to dance around. I love how they included a small horn solo towards the middle of the song as this aspect is something you never quite hear and really emphasizing it was an interesting touch to include. I do believe the instrumental is a tad overpowering on the vocals but there are many other aspects of this song which I think block of that tiny impurity.

– Sabrina A.

billie eilish

Billie’s melodic speech piece together with the usage of minor meancing piano chords blending together in the background create 6.18.18 into a dark yet loving tribute to xxtentacation.

Crush Culture
Conan Gray

With hints of Troye Sivan spilling through the very roots of this song, you can tell that “Crush Culture” is going to bring Conan to the next level in the industry. The song also hints at some 1975 songs such as “Menswear”. With Conan’s releases getting greater and greater production wise, this song shows that he has a clear understanding of what he wants to get across vocally as well as instrumentally.

1980s Horror Film II

1980s horror film has always been my favorite by Wallows so to hear them remaster it like this has actually made my week so much better. The way the band had taken an originally acoustic and rough grunge song and made it into something you would hear at a houseparty or on the radio nowadays really shows their musicianship. The band included instrumental sections that were so unique to me and I am sure to any listener. They included some psychedelic type sounds as background music into this song making the song so much different yet still keeping the songs’ original grunge and rough vocal production. This edit of the song is honestly one of the coolest things I’ve heard in the past month and gets me more excited for what Wallows have to offer in the coming future!

all the way

If you have been looking for a truly underground indie band right now, then Joan is what you want. The song “All The Way” holds an interesting guitar riff throughout the song along with a heavy chorus and guitar sound. The matching drum beats and claps in the background. Along with it’s catchy verses and choruses, great lyrics to natch all come together for an interesting song.

Last Goodbye
zoey lily

This song became one of my favourite slower songs in the matter of seconds. Zoey Lily’s voice in this song, and really in all of her songs, is just so unique with her slight accent peeking through at certain sections. Zoey Lily’s use of melancholy chords mixing in with her soft voice that has crisp production, making it clear for the listener to hear her every word is the perfect combination to captivates listeners having you cling to every word she sings in this song. The mixture of deep drum beats to the lightly played piano chords in the background is enough to make this song feel deep giving the song so much feeling. Zoey Lily is a definitely a young singer who is able to get her message across.

– Sabrina A.