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These are the rules of the road in the comments section and elsewhere in ‘The Reclusive Blogger’ network if you want hang out. Trust me that it makes it more fun for everyone …

  • Keep it civil and don’t be a jerk – So no hate towards one’s race, gender, sexuality, opinions, taste, nationality, anything. You will be BANNED FOR LIFE! NO HATE OR EXTREMISM OF ANY KIND!!! THIS IS A SAFE PLACE OF LOVE 🙂

  • Respectfully disagree or just agree to disagree and then move on.

  • No posting of pictures, links or gifs allowed in comments. Three strikes you’re out on this. Just comments nothing else.

  • No copy pasta’s, no stealing of words or tone.

  • No trolls or No trolling. Automatic ban.

  • See Something Say Something

  • Keep it Tidy and Add Value.

  • Keep comments and discussion on topic and brand and most importantly have fun!

  • No Self-Promotion, Automatic ban.
  • Don’t be a Pedant not everyone has the greatest spelling and grammar, not even me at times.

  • This is happy place to discuss and chat about music, arts, photography and entertainment. Let’s keep it that way! 🙂

  • This brings me to my next rule … Wit and humor are greatly appreciated but please keep it clean. No cursing. You will be banned immediately!
  • No fighting and flagging people for revenge in the comments, no attacking people in comments. You know what I mean ….

    With love,

The Reclusive Blogger 🙂 xx

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