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On April 15th, I had the very exciting privilege of attending my very first Deadline Contenders event for the Emmys. It was a wonderous day and event filled with panels from all of the many writers, creators, directors, actors and other talent from todays’ top tv shows. It was beyond refreshing to hear and see this. Especially being a newbie in this business. Still IIcan’t believe I got this opportunity.  Thanks to Deadline Hollywood and all of the Sponsors including all of the shows that presented and Hulu, Amazon Studios and Netflix. We also all had beautiful catered meals through out the day and left with not only great insight and amazing memories but the most epic swag bag!

Much love always,

Brittney 🙂 xx

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Hey, music lovers! 🙂

It’s Brittney, Today I’m back with two more reviews. This one is of a up and coming pop artist “K-Bust”. Her album “Fearless” was released today (3/9/18). Her debut album is full decadent Electro-pop numbers that align well with her raspy rocker voice. Which, by the way has a quiet power to it. Each track has many electronic elements woven in and out dramatically. Very reminiscent of 80s Power-Pop and 90s Euro dance numbers. And her vocals add the perfect amount of grit to give the songs a needed edge. So they never cross into bubblegum territory. The best of all is K-Busts’ lyrics, which are full of emotion and at times heavy. But are very relatable as they are about life, love, lust and yearning. Even when she’s using her most abstract and atmospheric lyrics or analogies it’s still comes across very well, as it’s all in the feeling. I think a lot of that has to do with how she has portrayed her voice on her “Fearless” record. It does bring to mind many of the females of rock in the 80’s such as Pat Benatar. Which is quite notable seeing as one of the standout tracks on the record is the cover of Pat Benatar “Love Is a Battlefield”. Although similar in vocal tonality it’s unlike the original in other ways. Other standout tracks for me are, “Over”, “Shoot”, “That Sound”, “Just a Simple Taste” and “Tonight”.

K-Bust Official Album Cover

Stream and Buy “Fearless” here:


Apple Music:

K-Bust Socials:

Official Website:

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Hey kiddos, I’m back with another album review. Actually two. But the first review is the stunning record by the British Singer-Songwriter, Charlie Barnes who is also a touring band member with Bastille. The album is named “Oceanography” and aptly named as well. The entire album surrounding my ears with lush vocals and guitar tones all made to sound or correlate with the ocean I could only guess. The cover even features a circle of abstract ocean blues in the middle of a colorless nothing.

Photo courtesy of Charlie Barnes
Oceanography by Charlie Barnes

The opening track on “Oceanography” is quite a usual one appropriately titled “Intro”. The uniqueness of “Intro” fully sets in when you realize it’s all drowned out chatter, footsteps and random commotion. So … wait?! Are we in a Coffee shop Charlie? Next, we segue into the title track which is very reminiscent of Brit-Pop in the 90s with added electro elements and sweeping guitars. I even hear some classical instrumentation in the back which add to the dramatics of the song. We next launch into “Will and Testament” which also show how much touring with Bastille has influenced the Derbyshire musician. Not only are Dan Smiths’ (Bastille lead singer) vocals featured in the background. You can truly hear here the electronic production the most. On songs “Oceanography” and “Will And Testament” Charlie’s voice which is so unique and unlike most voices out there soars the most. Songs like “Bruising” and “Ruins” showcase more of Charlie’s roots as a musician with heavy melodic elements and acoustic guitar. “One Word Answers” is a fun guitar jam that’s heavy on the drums and melody. The chorus is where it truly shines through, with the lyric; “And I only give you one-word answers”. Pay attention for that high note and the bits of tambourine throughout!

“The Departure”, “Legacy”, and “Former Glories” are all slower more peaceful moments on the album that remind me of the tide rolling in. Where Charlie’s voice is at the forefront with more introspective lyrics. I even hear a bit of very early Coldplay with a slight jazzy or Bossa Nova vibe. The mood picks up slightly with “Maria” which has a slight shuffle to it beat … And a quite lovely guitar solo. The mood picks up even more with “All I have” which has a beautiful message all packed into this song. Never give up your dreams (in this case creative ones) no matter how hard it gets. You also must check out the video which I’ll post below! We end “Oceanography” with “The Weather”. A bittersweet piano-driven ballad with the most heartfelt lyrics, that features a coffee analogy in the beginning just like album’s “Intro” does.

Photo Courtesy of Charlie Barnes

Link to buy and stream: Oceanography

Charlie Barnes – All I Have (Official Video)

Charlie Barnes Socials:

|Official Website|Twitter | Facebook| Instagram|YouTube|

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Brittney 🙂 xx
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HELLO!! HELLO!! HELLO! IT’S OSCARS DAY!! Yep, it’s finally here the moment we as huge movie fans, Hollywood and Pop Culture journalists have all been waiting for. It’s the culmination of what has been a very eventful, proactive, political (among many others things) award season to say the least. But today hopeful the tone is more about the beautiful films over the past year and the people who acted in them and made them. Because today is the 90th ACADEMY AWARDS® hosted by Jimmy Kimmel …

Official 03/04/2018 90th Oscars® Arrivals Photos …

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Okay so my Top Ten looks from the night …

1. Lupita Nyong’o in Atelier Versace on both the red carpet and Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

2. Zoe Kravitz – Saint Laurent at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

3. Andra Day in Zac Posen and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

4.  St. Vincent (Annie Clark) in YSL.

5. Chadwick Boseman in Givenchy.

6. Gal Gadot in Givenchy and Tiffany & Co. jewelry & Giorgio Armani gown at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

7. Allison Janney in Reem Acra, Forevermark jewelry with a Roger Vivier bag.

8. Saoirse Ronan in Calvin Klein By Appointment & Christian Louboutin shoes, and Cartier jewelry.

9. Timothée Chalamet in Berluti.

10. Common in Giorgio Armani and Tiffany & Co. jewelry.

11. Zendaya in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture, Brian Atwood shoes, and Bulgari jewelry.

12. Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton on both the Oscars red carpet and Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

13. Sandra Bullock in Louis Vuitton and Zac Posen with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

14. Jenna Dewan Tatum in Pamela Roland gown at Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

15. Paris Jackson in Versace gown.




Hey guys, It’s Brittney. I’m back with another review. This one is a band I’ve talked about a bit lately. Seeing as I just photographed their concert at The Peppermint Club and reviewed “Hot Streak” already. (I will post the links after this review). It’s Faulkner. The bi-coastal band consisting of Lucas Asher (vocals/guitar/songwriter), Eric Scullin (vocals/multi-instrumentalist/producer), Dimitri Farougias (bass), and Christian Hogan (drums). They released their album ‘PARIAHS’ on February 9th. Led by lead single “Hot Streak”. This is an album of Alternative-Rock for the protest generation. Full of loud forceful numbers, with just enough angst to keep one’s ears attuned while dancing. “PARIAHS” starts off with “Revolutionary” a stomp-rock number with just enough swag to help carry off such heavy lyrics. This leads to “Hot Streak” which is a fizzy Electro-Pop rocker and speaks to feeling invincible. We go into “NY Anthem” which is the track co-written and co-produced by RZA of the Wu-Tang-Clan. It’s as braggadocios as the NY streets themselves. The perfect new day anthem speaking of its highs and lows. RZA brings in a real hip-hop vibe. “Halo Me”, I’m Stoned”, & “Waters Are Rising” offer slightly quieter moments from the 10 track record, but aren’t any less powerful lyrically. “Waters Are Rising” features a great drum intro and “I’m Stoned” has the most acoustic sounds of the entire record. The last two songs “Keep Your Enemies Closer” (with a sweet guest rap from Royce Da 5’9) and “Molly” close out the album, ‘PARIAHS’ the way it started, with heavy electronic synths, a buzzy groove and plenty of guitars to start a riot …. but only on the dance floor.

Check out the “NY Anthem” Video here:


Stream ‘PARIAHS’ on Spotify here:


Stream ‘PARIAHS’ on Apple Music here:




Twitter: @faulknermusic

Instagram: @faulknermusic

Hot Streak – Clip



Much love,

Brittney  xx

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Since New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep let’s set our minds to achieving smaller more bite-size goals year round! These are mine let me know yours ….

1. To be a better person. This goal is pretty obvious and should be a major goal for everyone. But alas it’s not. So the next best thing is to make it a goal for yourself and surround yourself with people who do the same. It doesn’t have to be huge differences, but slowly and surely you’ll see the changes around you.
2. Be a more proactive and productive writer. Which just means to write more and on more varied topics. Being more honest with myself as a person, woman, and POC. Work on the technical side, apply for more freelance opportunities and publish more stuff. Also, continue to progress with writing my book.
3. Be a more proactive and productive Photographer. Yes, I have accomplished quite a bit over the last year but there is always more. I want to actually start to sell a whole lot more of my Fine Art Prints that are available on Artfinder and SAATCHI Art Online. Plus I want to immerse myself in the world of Concert and red carpet Photography. I try every year. I get a few opportunities. I connect with a few of the people. But being able to talk and go out is hard when you can’t drive. Also when you have severe social anxiety. But I want to succeed in life. So I find not being able to succeed and not being able to do what I love is a much more crippling fear.
4. Get my dream job!
My goal is to get a job at a record company. I love music it’s in the heart and soul of my art and basically everything I do. Yes, I am a freelance photographer first and foremost. But it’s not always a stable paycheck. So thinking in terms of that. I need a job to that allows me to incorporate both my skills as a creative and a highly analytical person. So a major dream and goal of mine are to work at a record company (in particular my favorites I won’t name names though). It’s a career in a creative field that would be the icing on the dream job Birthday cake.
5. Take time for me each day.
Whether it’s time to do simple art activities, write, edit photos, listen to music. Just take a little time out of each day for myself to ensure I stay calm, cool and collected. Most importantly healthy.
6. Theme my Instagram.
Pretty self-explanatory but very hard to stick to. Also, I need to post more next year.
7. Cut back on my Social Media.
I’ve already done it and I’m in the process of it. I’ve already said goodbye to Facebook, Tumblr, and few other sites. Yes, I need social media to promote myself and my art. But the fewer sites I have to run by myself is a good thing me and for anyone.
8. Enrich my IRL with friends.
I always had trouble making (I’m not the only one out there trust me) but for me, it goes back to childhood. When I was horribly bullied and could barely keep the few I had. So I started to micro-manage my friendships. I didn’t know that’s what I doing then. But it only made it harder for me. That and the fact I was constantly sick in and out of school. Next thing I know I look up and I’ve graduated high school with no real close friendships. Still many years later it’s still hard to overcome that. My anxieties surrounding it are massive. I also hear the statistics on how it be too late for me because most friendships and bonds are formed very early on. I want to prove that wrong.
9. Make more music!
In 2017 despite being verified on Spotify and releasing a small amount of music. I didn’t release much. So for next year, I’m pushing myself to release more music, write more, push myself creatively, possibly work with artists I find inspiring artistically and learn to play the guitar.
10. Love more
More easily said than done right? What I mean by this is to just put more positive vibes and love into the world rather than negativity. Then surround yourself with similar types not only in real life but online as well. Be kinder and gentler to people. Tell your friends, family and loved ones and S/O that you’re thankful for them being in your lives and that you love them. I even like simple and random acts kindness in the form of a simple or sweet note because you never know what a person is going through or how much they might need that. Any way to expound upon this idea I highly recommend. 🙂

 Thanks for reading and much love always!

  • Brittney 🙂 xx

Source: ARTFINDER: Slices of Greenwich by Brittney Williams – Taken in Greenwich, London, the United Kingdom …